Colour Energy Reference Chart

Red Orange Yellow
Root Chakra Spleen Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra
Connects us to our physical self. Strong energy, fire and creative force. Connects us to our emotional self. Warmth, creativity and emotions. Connects us to our mental self. Mental activity and sunshine.
Vitality, Courage, Self Confidence, Life Promoting Energy Joy, Confidence, Resourcefulness, Socialness Wisdom, Intellect, Self-Esteem, Optimism
Red stimulates life energy, helps build inner strength, security, vitality and will power. Red is the grounding colour but can indicate strong passions. Brings life to our workday and opens our awareness to more subtle energies. Gives clarity of thought, increases awareness and stimulates the power of the mind and psychic abilities.
Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood Orange Oil Rosemary or Bergamot

Green Blue Indigo
Heart Chakra Throat Chakra Brow Chakra
Connects us to Unconditional Love. Sensitivity and beginnings of compassion. Connects us to Holistic thought. Peace and quiet. Connects us to Unconscious Self. The blending of heart and mind.
Balance, Love, Self Control, Growth, Sympathy Knowledge, Health, Communication, Devotion, Truth Intuition, Understanding, Dreams, Independence
Relax muscles, nerves and thoughts. Cleanses and balances giving a feeling of peace and harmony. Reliability and open-mindedness. Mental relaxation, sleep problems, stress or hyperactive children. Activate imagination and perceptions. Balance hormones. Strengthen intuition, imagination, psychic powers, independence and increase dream activity.
Eucalyptus or Pine
Geranium or Chamomile
Patchouli or Frankincense

Violet Turquoise Pink
Crown Chakra Thymus Chakra Heart Chakra
Connects us to our Spiritual Self. Warmth and tramsmutation. Connects us to our Expression. Open communication. Connects us to our Universal Love. Purity and comfort of companionship.
Beauty, Creativity, Inspiration, Searching, Worldly Confidence, Verbal Skills, Serenity, Spiritual Bonding Love, Kindness, Consideration, Vision, Modesty
Gives us inspiration. Enhances artistic talent, creativity and ideals. Practicality, humility and spirituality Strengthens our concentration, freedon of expression. Bolsters the immune system. Opens our heart centre for giving and receiving. Removes unwanted aggression and irritations. Protects and gives peace of mind and a love of beauty and art.
Lavender or Jasmine Tea Tree, Sage Rose or Rosewood

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