What Do Your Doodles Mean?
(c) Atham-Z 2000-2003

Just as there are no two fingerprints exactly alike, there are no two handwritings alike. A fingerprint is irrefutable identification of an individual; his/her handwriting is also a clear indication of character. This study of personality is called 'graphology' and is sometimes used by corporations to evaluate cover letters supplied with hand written employment applications. Obviously in this medium we aren't going into depth about handwriting analysis, but our doodles also reflect some of the same principles that can enlighten us about the nature of the doodler.

The following is a short list of doodle characteristics and their generally accepted interpretations:

ANGULARITY - indicates planning, construction and slight aggressiveness.

ROUNDNESS - affection, friendliness, tact and general co-operativeness. Many of the softer qualities.

FIRM HEAVY PRESSURE - serious thought and deepness. Often some regret or sorrow. A troubled mind at the time of doodling.

LIGHT PRESSURE - receptivity, sensitivity and a subconscious wish for the easier path in spite of any facade presented by the doodler.

UPWARD TENDENCIES - intellectual and spiritual aspirations; active imagination.

DOWNWARD TENDENCIES - strong emotional influences and pressures; receptiveness to feeling responses.

SLANT TO THE RIGHT - enjoys outside world, communicative, extrovert, progressive.

SLANT TO THE LEFT - some repressions, reserve, caution and inner reluctance to face the outside world.

REPEATED DESIGN - when lines are repeated this indicates a compulsive person.

SHADING and FILLED IN DESIGNS - tension, inner insecurity and fears.

VARIETY of DOODLES - many interests, lively mind, active imagination.

UNDERLINING, BOXING IN, SURROUNDING POINTS - desire for protection,, wish to hide things, secretiveness, insecurity.

Have some fun with this and startle your friends or co-workers with unexpected insights into how they were feeling during that phone call or lecture when they doodled all over their notes!

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This page was created February 8, 2003.