Dragon Tarot: The Lovers

Dragon Tarot - A Review
(c) Kelvin Black 2001-4

The Dragon Tarot follows the now traditional path of a 78 card deck.

Each card is individually illustrated with dragons and adheres loosely to the Rider Waite deck for its' imagery.

There are some rather lovely references though. For example.."The Hanging Man" becomes "The Hanging Dragon", and who could deny the nurturing aspect of "The Empress", showing a mother dragon cradling a new born in her arms.

The symbolism, visual clues and prompts that appear on these cards are different and perhaps not as full featured as the Rider Waite but any person conversant with the Rider Waite deck would have no trouble using the Dragon Tarot. (noting that the suit of "Pentacles" becomes the suit of "Coins" in the Dragon Tarot).

I don't think the Dragon Tarot would suit a beginner reader though.

The deck is supplied with the ubiquitous small booklet that skims lightly across the meaning of each card.

So what's it like to use the Dragon Tarot? I love it!!!!

Colourful, charming, quirky but full of dragon fun and humour.

Both the reader and readee will enjoy the use of this deck. The dragon appeals to all with the mystery and beauty. I feel the Dragon Tarot takes us back to a more innocent time. A time perhaps of legend, when man and dragon shared this world.

You decide when you take up the challenge of the Dragon Tarot.

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