Joyce Selena Timmins
April 18, 1940 - December 4, 2002

Joyce & Cheryl, January 26, 2002

She was clad in white linen
with a sash made of gold
I knew she was an angel,
without being told

Her presence was felt
without uttering a word
I closed my eyes in awe
at the music I heard

She pointed to the path ahead
as she touched me on the arm
And I felt the presence of the one
I'd waited for so long

I felt a rush of angel wings
and swiftly they were gone
I looked at the path that lay ahead
that once seemed so very long

Trumpets blared at the gates ahead
and I saw a golden light
And a little child with golden hair
that drifted out of sight

The angel that had led me
was going through the gate
And she called to me in a gentle voice
'' I'm sorry you have to wait ''

Suddenly, I opened my eyes
and lay there in the night
It seemed so real, the dream I had,
the moon outside shone bright

A quiet peace surrounded me
and light shone on my bed
I felt the presence of the Lord
but it wasn't my time yet

Poetry by Sand

The Softest Kind Of Poetry".


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