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Candles in the Window

Candle in the Wind

White - Psalm 112, protection, remembrance, centering and focus

Yellow - Psalm 59, clears dreams and enhances spiritual gifts. Maximum healing.

Orange - Psalm 46, makes you, your work and your energy more attractive.

Blue - Psalm 81, forgiveness, healing, protection from abuse, quick money, spiritual awareness. The deeper the blue the better. Long lasting love.

Purple - Psalm 56, more power and control, mentally and spiritually. Unhexing. Psychic awareness.

Green - Psalm 61, success with work and business. Healing.

Red - Psalm 142, 9 days consecutive. To have love return. Say the name three times as you light the candle. Send positive energy.

Gold - Psalm 150, three times, will bring you money and help you hold on to it. Only use this if the need is real or it will reverse the effect.

Brown - Psalm 54 and 71, Prayer to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. St. Anthony. 9 days consecutive. Will restore peace within the family and find that which is lost.

Pink - Everyday until things change, for success in whatever endeavour. Joyful love.

Never blow your candles out, snuff them and say "Though extinguished in the physical, you still burn in the astral. Lit, burn there always."
Always in a good way, for the good of all, will hurt no one.

Vigilant Cat

Candle Lore

It is said...and so is it written "Burn a new white candle entire, if happiness you desire."

Burning a new white candle in a new home brings happiness.

For true love burn a candle of pure pink on St. Valentine's Day.

Lighting a green candle on the night of a New Moon will attract money but, to light it from a fire will prevent you from ever growing rich.

Burning a black candle will banish evil spirits.

Purple is the ancient colour of Emperors and Kings, hence its use to celebrate the Advent of The Christ Child. Burn a purple candle for power and another for success.

A red candle on the Eve of Yule ensures prosperity for the new year. What is more burning a red candle attracts strength and vitality. Red is the colour of Eros.

Lit candles on a birthday cake symbolize good luck, good health and wish fulfilled when blown out in one breath.

Unlit candles on a Christmas tree ensure warmth and plenty for your family.

Author Unknown

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