Angels of the Eastside
(c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2005

Somebodys' child
Somebodys' mother
Somebodys' sister
Somebodys' lover
Somebodys' friend
Somebodys' niece
Somebodys' grandchild went missing
Somebodys' loved one found deceased

Some poked, some smoked
Some drank, some cranked
Some toked, some coked
Some tried, some died
Some stood on a corner,
There are many reasons why.
You can sell your love for money
To get another high.
That's how any women can,
Become an Angel of the Eastside

There are many kinds of angels.
Some with broken wings,
Some with tarnished halos,
Some with broken dreams,
Some with trackmarks on their arms,
(And other places too).
Anyone can find their way
To this sad and dangered life.
It doesn't mean they were not loved,
And did not love in turn.
It did not mean that they were stuck,
Or would have always lived this way.
They just fell down along a path
Someone put them on.
They couldn't find the crossroads yet
The place to turn around.

Do not forget that they were strong,
Looked out for one another.
They laughed and joked,
Sang and danced.
They lived and loved,
Cared and shared.
They drew, they wrote,
Until the Devil played his hand,
Seduced them with his lies.
And now they are and always will be
Angels of the Eastside.

So now we see their pictures,
We hear this mournful tale
And worry for the ones who are
Following on this trail.
But these Angels now have Perfect Wings
Their halos shine anew
Now their dreams have been reborn
And their broken spirit healed

They fly the skies on that Eastside, That took them all too soon.
To light and guard,
To serve and guide,
The Angels who are still there.

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