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Links, Link Partners, Tarot, Spirituality & Religious Resources

a href=""target="_blank"> Irish Psychics

Tarotmeister: A Metaphysical & New Age website. Very patient owner too!!

Water Teachings: The Art of Peter C. Migwans: Stunning Ojibwe Artwork.

Charmed Gifts - UK On-Line Gift Shop for the Spiritually Inclined

Tarot Canada Store

Tarot of the Sephiroth


Lotus Tarot

Sahara Software

Peter Stone Jewellery

Charles Graybar

Nunca Mais

Bone Marrow/Blood Donors

The Productivity Institute: Join the Time Management Club! Get more done in less time with less stress now!

Pagan Nation


Inner Spirit Health Newsletter

AND-World - Articles

Occult PDF Files - downloads. Crowley, Regardie, Fortune and more

Free Online E-Books & PDF's, variety of topics

International Online E-Book Library - many countries & languages

Biblomania - free on-line books. Fiction, poetry and more

CELT - The Online Resource for Irish history, literature and politics

Internet Public Library

Online Books - just about anything you could imagine

Free Books on Yoga, Religion and Philosophy

Psychics I

Trumpery (as in Donald)

Walking the Sacred - a lovely site!

Averi Torres, Malibu Psychic to the Stars
Thanks for the link Averi!

Grey Goose Art - Faery Tarot by Greg Hoose and more

Tarot Bags by Angela

Religious Tolerance - Another Outstanding Site!!!

Tarot Gift Wrap by Jeanne Fiorini. Beautiful Paper!!!

TwinSoul's Web; A comprehensive Net Resource Center for twinflame/twinsoul information...numerous links, book references, discussion forum and more...

The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Canada Pagan

Montreal Pagan Resources Centre

Pagan Federation Paienne Canada (PFPC)

WynterGreene - Ontario/Quebec Pagan Newsletter - Cheryl's highest recommendation!!!

Witan Candles - Magazine - no longer publishing (ahhh!)

Real Magick

Psychic Search


All Spirits of the Universe - English/Spanish. Hosted by Luz Maria

Link Partners

Healing Products - Music and more....

Egyptian Witchcraft - customized love, money & attraction spells.

Lotus Tarot

Pooka's Playground - Children's Pagan Publication

Wellness Within

Wonderful Tarot Rare Art Gallery/Tarocca Meriviglioso Galleria d'Arte Rara

Arcana-Mundi, Metaphysical Supplies

Soul to Spirit

Bella On-Line - Astrological Poetry

Pegasus Dreaming - Tarot at Suite 101

Divining Mind - Quality Dowsing Tools

Listing of Canadian Witchcraft Shops

Menu Palace - all the best restaurants, caterers, nightspots and more in Toronto!

Christian Wicca - The Congregation

Spirit's Work & White Owl's Cauldron

AGM AGMüller — international leader in the field of Tarot and other esoteric cards.
In the field of Tarot cards, AGM AGMüller hold a distinct
leadership position and enjoy an excellent reputation.
Today, their range extends to around 200 titles.

Tarot Society of South Africa

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Raven's Raith - Alberta

Mystic Net - Check out Crys's Great Site!!!!

Enchanted Spirit: Sprite E-Zine

The Heritage Tree - Nfld

Falcon Publishing

Horned Owl Publishing - BC

Carl Gustav Jung Lexicon

The Occult World Ledger - On-line Magazine

Dowsers: Canadian Society of Questers

Animal Totems

Storytellers of Canada - Bilingual

Zen Stories


Kajama - Excellent Resource!

Personal Alchemy Quiz

Enhance your wellbeing naturally - Innova Pacific - Salt Lamps

The Sleepers Market

Rune Cast

Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit Superstore UK

Animal Communications by Penelope Smith

Nancy Shavick's Tarot Universe

Sahara Software

Toronto Ghosts And Hauntings Research Society

The Four Rules of Dream Interpretation

The Best Dream Interpretation Sites

Astro America - Tarot Decks and Books

Rare Tarot Decks

Face Reading, Vedic Astrology

Gemini Connection

Open Up Your Inner Senses

Spirit On Line: Astral Travelling & Out of Body Experiences.

Art Bell

The Mystica

Weird & Wired on the Web

The Story of the Story Tellers

The X Zone - Canada's #1 Paranormal Radio Show.

Links for Women

Get A Chinese Name

Canadian Wiccan Pagan Page

Free Tarot Cross Stitch Patterns & More

The Twinkies Project - Need a Good Laugh Today - Visit Here!

Schroedingers Cat

Theory of Everything

Uncertainty Principle

Sign Up for Future Endeavours - The Official Newsletter of Tarot Canada

Tarot Canada International Yahoo Group

Religious Resources Links

Sacred Texts - Outstanding Primary Resource Materials!!!!

Bible Browser - 9 different versions

King James Version on-line.

Daily Bible Verses e-mailed to you - Sortilege anyone!

Religion & Psychoactive Sacraments - Entheogen Chrestomathy

Gnosis Archive

Gnostic Gospels

The Koran

The Merlin Interview

Tarot for Christians

Buddhism for the Layperson



Christian Tarot Articles

Tarot and Buddhism Articles

Muslim Tarot Articles

Voyance Gratuit en Plus

Creative Works Index

Tarot Decks

Tarot Canada Events


Tarot Canada Members Pages

Tarot Canada Homepage

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