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Tarot Canada, its organizers, volunteers, members, friends and vendors, are not to be held responsible or liable for any theft, loss of possessions, injury or accident, physical or otherwise, which may occur during any Tarot Canada events or any events promoted on the Tarot Canada site. You are responsible for your own actions and conduct.


Event Planning Services for ticketing and online registrations


Ottawa Yule Craft & Spirit Faire
Bronson Center
December 11 & 12, 2010


CAN-CON 2010
August 20-22
Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre
1376 Carling Av.
Ottawa, Ontario


Carleton Place High School Reunion
October 13, 2012


Gaia's Gathering 2011
Canadian Pagan Conference
May 20-23, 2011
Theme: Language to Liturgy Montreal, PQ


The Last Stand Community Walk to Save Beaver Pond Forest
Date: Saturday, June 5, 2010
Time: 10:00am - 11:00am
Location: Beaver Pond parking lot (at the end of Walden Drive, near Kimmins Crt.) Kanata, Ontario

Description.If you love the Beaver Pond forest and do not want to see it destroyed in order to build 3000 homes, then come out and join us for a walk through the forest. Our purpose is to send a message to the Government that they must intervene NOW to find a solution to save this environmentally sensitive area. If you enjoy this area for recreation, observing nature, peace and quiet, or any other purpose, and want to see it saved...we need your support by attending this important event and being part of a group photo.


Spirits of the Earth Festival July 6-11, 2010

Surround yourself with lush greenery, sweet meadows, and mystical forests. We invite you to come and indulge in the gifts that nature has to offer in this 6 day camping experience. Reflect, learn and reconnect. We offer a wide variety of workshops by knowledgeable speakers, specialized vendors, invigorating musical entertainment, magical nightly rituals, a full children's program, and nightly drum circles. Day, weekend, and full week passes available.

Registration is open at 9:30am daily, or can be purchased online.
Location: 5198 Stewardson Line, Wyoming, Ontario
N0N 1T0 (between London & Sarnia)
Gates open at 12pm on Tues

Contact: 519-762-2000



Upper Canada Pagan Gathering/Festival Paien du Haut Canada

7th Annual Midgard Festival
May 21-24, 2010 at Raven's Knoll

Raven's Knoll
10441 Highway #60
Golden Lake Ontario
(near Eganville)

Ragnaroek: A Fantasy Look at German Mythology
(c) Guinevra 2010


Food For Fortunes: Smiths Falls Psychic Fair
November 7, 2009

Saturday November 7th, 2009 was a perfect day for the Smiths Falls Psychic Fair. All in all it was a wonderful day, raising 8 huge boxes of food and $526.26 for Smiths Falls Community Foodbank.

Readers, Cheryl Lynne Bradley, Bonnie Moss, Kathleen O'Neil and Connie Bach were available to provide readings for many interested clients. Wendy and Nancy Cathcart of Calming Elements had many interesting jewelry pieces and metaphysical items for sale and Hannah Dickson of Hannah's Crystal Rainbow was on hand to advise clients as to the healing properties of the many crystals she had for purchase. Energy healers, Debbie Wainwright of Debbie's Serenity Room, Karen Bradford of Me Time Moments Relaxation Studio and Pamela Holm of Deep Soul Energetics were busy offering various healing modalities.

Special thanks to Stephanie Pender for designing the Food For Fortunes website.

.: Community Spirit: Alive & Well :.
(c) Kathleen O'Neil 2010


Ottawa Pagan Pride Day 2003 Pictures


Blues Fest at MacDonald's Corners
Saturday, May 8, 2004

Tarot Canada had a display table set up for this event which raised money for Hill Fm and renovations to the MacDonald's Corners Agricultural Hall. It was cold but the music was excellent, the dinner was wonderful and the dance was a great time.


Fill the Hill - June 5, 2004
Support the Decriminalization/Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

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Ontario & Canadian Festivals

Witches Gathering - Ottawa

Kaleidoscope Gathering

Avalon East Pagan Gathering - Maritimes

Gathering For Life on Earth - BC (near Vancouver

PanFest - Edmonton, Alberta

Here is another site and event worth checking out JanusCon 2004,Dragon Child Metaphysical (Alberta). Dragan Tail Bookshop, 880 Somerset Street, Ottawa; Willow's Lantern, Reiki Master; The Sacred Kiln; were all present at this event too.


Ottawa Pagan Picnic September 13, 2003


A no-alcohol, family friendly Pagan Pride Day event and an opportunity to support the Ottawa Food Bank. The Ottawa Food Bank lost their perishables in the blackout - all of these events are extremely important now and winter is coming!!!!


11:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Ye Olde Family Pagan Picnic, face painting, crafts, singalongs and bubbles for the kids, live music, a roaming Bard, games for children and adults,for kids, a childrens harvest circle, Silent Auction, vendors and an information area to learn and share information about local Ottawa Pagan community and events.


3187 Eagleson Rd. in Richmond


This event was be a food collection benefit for the Ottawa Food Bank


free and open to everyone ... voluntary donations of non-perishable food items for the Ottawa Food Bank were gratefully accepted.

Preliminary numbers are. Attendance: 142
Cash to the food bank: $112.75 plus a 10$ US bill
Items of Food: 173

Items found and needing to be delivered to the food bank.

Cash from Silent Auction $43.00 and 1 bag of food that was found in the reg tent.

Carleton Pumping Service supplied the Portables again (613) 838-5500. We use Randy's service for all of our events and give them our highest recommendation. Mary's Dollar Store Plus of Richmond, (613) 838-9991 donated items for the kids crafts and Tony the Chipman - one of Richmond's finest citizens - did usual outstanding job on the food.

This was a Pagan Pride Day Event. We did it again at my place in Richmond at 3187 Eagleson Road. It was a lovely day last year - see below for the pictures and other information. New organizers this year.

Fiona sold Rainsticks and other items. Rainsticks are tubes running from 1 foot to 4 feet long, filled with beans or dried corn that make a wonderful rain noise when turned from end to end. They are very popular in South America where they use lengths of bamboo. They are painted with everything from nature sprites, dragons, mermaids, pentacles, butterflies and more. She will also be doing Face Painting, selling some really funky clothing and other fun stuff.

Willow did Reiki treatments. Sarah sold oils, incenses and other interesting items. Coleen did Mendhi - temporary henna tattoos. We had another clothing vendor from the Market area come - I just need the name!!!

I did some photography of the day and a few readings.

Pagan Owl was also a vendor that day. He sells Serongs and unique and original items created by friends such as Wiccan Meditation Wheels created by Mark of Carnac,and Rune Sets by Liz and Jeff. Pagan Owl carries some really beautiful candlesticks and mirrors. He was there to network about the Ottawa Pagan Conference (see below) as well.

( Mirror ) ( Mirrors ) ( Sarong ) ( Candlestick ) ( Bob Marley )

Crystal Dawn very generously donated door prizes and items for the Silent Auction from their shop. The first was a lovely blue glass box with a gold dragon embossed on the top and the second is a LARGE hard cover book entitled "The Encyclopedia of Modern Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism by Shelley Rabinovitch (who teaches at the University of Ottawa) and James Lewis. The book will actually be used as a text next year!

The stage was busy as we had lots of musicians who wanted to jam and donated their musical talents for the day. Members of Dr. Huxtable - Dead Heads; Blue Grassy High and Jiva Ju - an atmosphere of sweet sounds and textures that take listeners on a trip from the 60's all the way to the future; Keep Yourself Good Company - who rely as much on experimental arrangements as they do on melody and rhythm; and Ferris Wheeler - not just your average jazzy, jammy, funky, country indie band ; all expressed considerable enthusiasm for the day's events Daisy Ella Mojo Crew - a unique combination of new school funk-pop beats with a sixties rock and roll feel; Butterflies and Zebras - their music features experimental use of feedback, distortion and unorthodox guitar technique in the style of the late Jimi Hendrix - just two guys on guitars and I have never seen anyone play a guitar like that; and The Tummies have also expressed interest in the day.

Aljee, who runs the jam nights at Cafe Dekcuf, is organizing a group called The JT's (Jammer Tuesdaze) and was our Emcee for the day. Rob Hammond-Vincent did an amazing job bringing all of these people together.

Ottawa Pagan Pride Day 2003 Commentary (c) Fiona Hammond-Vincent 2003

Ottawa Pagan Pride Day 2003 Pictures


If you're planning an event this summer check out Acteva for all of your on-line registration needs!


Tarot Canada Sahara Software Special Promotion June 1-July 30, 2003

Samer Saab of Sahara Software arranged a Special Promotion for us effective June 1 and running through until July 30, 2003. For additional information about ProTarot Designer Pro; please visit the Sahara Software website at: Sahara Software ProTarot Designer.

For additional information about ProTarot Reader; please visit the Sahara Software website at: Sahara Software ProTarot Reader.

New Age Pro includes all of Sahara Software's top of the line products including: ProRhythm, ProDream, ProTarot Reader, SoftNumerology, SoftIChing, SoftRunes, and SoftMatch.

Thank you for this great promotional offer Samer!


Ottawa Valley Pagan Pride Day Picnic
Sunday, June 22, 2003

Pembroke Marina
Please visit Spirit's Work for more information on this event.


Tarot Canada Summer Solstice for World Peace 2003
Saturday, June 21, 2003.

3187 Eagleson Road, Richmond, Ontario. Please visit the link for more information.

( Fiona ) ( Rob ) ( Cindy ) ( Cindy Vortex ) ( Couple ) ( Couple 1 ) ( Drum ) ( Drummmer Girl ) ( Fiona and Friend ) ( Mark of Carnac ) ( Jean Marc and Lynn ) ( Pagan Owl ) ( Relaxing ) ( Space ) ( Fire Spirits ) ( Spirit Fire ) ( TC - Too Cute ) ( Cheryl & Guitar )


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Ottawa Area Drumming Events 2003


Special Promotion for Friends & Members of Tarot Canada
March 1-31, 2003

Tarot Canada was pleased to announce an exceptional program available on audio CD and normally costing $20, FREE to Tarot Canada members. The program, entitled, "If I'm Creating My Reality, Why Am I Getting This?" features Philip Golabuk, international author and director of the Field Center, who presents an overview of the latest thinking on consciousness as the cause of our experience in the world. The Field approach goes far beyond the standard "visualize and affirm" techniques of most of the popular New Age literature on the subject.

A nominal shipping and handling charge applied.


Coco Jerry's, Renfrew, Ontario
February 22, 2003

Atham and I were reading at Coco Jerry's in Renfrew on Saturday February 22, 2003. We extend our thanks to the seekers, the lovely staff and to Nick the owner for allowing us the use of his fine establishment and for the wonderful ambience.

We were filmed for the local community access TV Station, Cogego 22, by Jeremy for the show "Plugged In". This show runs four times a day at 9:00 am; 1:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm in the Arnprior/Renfrew/Pembroke/Petawawa/Pakenham area and should be available to their audience starting March 10 at 6:30pm and finishing March 17 at 1:30 pm. Much thanks to Jeremy for his efforts and dedication.


Renfrew Fair September 4 - 8, 2002

Atham-Z was reading at the Renfrew Fair from September 4 - 8, 2002. I joined her there on September 6-7. Stay tuned for the story of the Psychic Pimp and details of our new Psychic Security team.


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Ottawa Pagan Pride Day 2002 - Saturday, September 14

This was an all time great event. Tarot Canada and my family hosted this event on my property outside of Richmond, Ontario.

If you are interested in being a vendor, doing a workshop or playing some music for future events, please let us know.

This event was about acceptance and the ambience of the day was just wonderful. We ended up with @ 120 people over the course of the afternoon and evening and the kids had a blast.

Photos from Pagan Pride Ottawa 2002 (c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley

Dam Tuesdays

Pearl gave a Meditation workshop at 2:00 pm.

Some of our vendors for the day included Boutique Esoterique "Pierre de Lune", R & R Creations, Workday Kneads. Dave Belanger (489-DAVE) let us use his PA system - a wicked set up. Tony the Chip Man from Richmond and his lovely daughters did a great job on the hot food. Carleton Pumping Services of Richmond provided the Portable Toilets and waived the delivery fee. Robert E. Duncan Construction (the Framing Master of the Universe) did the site work and picked up the costs of the Portable Toilets and Doug brought 6 face cords of wood for the fire. Doug's contribution of wood is the equivalent of about $360 and well worth noting. It doesn't happen without the help, support and committment of good people. Nazareen represented Tarot Canada most graciously at the registration area. Susan Kopp gave massages all day for free.

Here is a list of kid's crafts that Julie and Rachelle did an amazing job on that day.

God's Eye (popsicle sticks and yarn) this is a kids Pagan craft

No liability was assumed. Spiritual people remember to thank those who help them along the way and learn not to wound with their tongues. Proceeds, all that was left here was the $120 Naz gave me before she left the gate, after expenses (I kept only $20 towards the hydro bill and we, meaning my family, swallowed the rest of our expenses on the day, approximately $420) were being donated to the The Mission and the Ottawa Food Bank. I sent a check for $100 to The Mission and received a lovely thank you call from Valerie. She was very appreciative of the support. I told her that I hoped next year we would do better. I also received a very nice thank you letter. The other organizers were supposed to be buying groceries with the money they took home with them and dropping the food off on Friday at the Ottawa Food Bank. Apparently they bought 125 cans of food with the rest of the money from the 80 paid admissions and vendors fees that they left with. They also made money on readings for the day. Please feel free to call both places and verify the donations.

Pagan Pride Resource Articles


Tarot Canada Summer Solstice Celebration - Thursday, June 21, 2001

This Event on Thursday, June 21, 2001 was at my home in the country outside Ottawa. Please check out the link for the full ceremony that we utilized at this very special evening.

Tarot Canada Summer Solstice 2001


Tarot Canada Spring Spirit Workshop Festival

Saturday, April 7, 2001
Stittsville Legion, Stittsville, Ontario


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