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We have recently launched the Online version of "New Age Compatibility" and thought to advise you of the release of the software. New Age Online will allow you to sell New Age Personal and Compatibility reports online (containing Numerology, Biorhythm, and Horoscope components). New Age Online is fully customizatible in layout to integrate seamlessly with your website.

The list price of New Age Online is $999.95. We would like to offer you an introductory promotion of $499.95.

Please be advised that we are currently working on making online software for tarot, runes, and I Ching and eventually cover all our other New Age segments.

Check it out at: New Age Demo (user website)

New Age Demo (administration utility)

New Age Demo (reporting utility)

We also offer at additional fees:

1. Deployment services for the NewAgeReports product on your webservers
2. Payment system integration so you can your existing payment system to charge your customers (PayPal etc ...)
3. Maintenance package which entails a yearly fee that entitles you to receive free product upgrades and premium customer support. Please keep in mind that this is only the first release of the product and we will be adding many interesting features to the report such as additional biorhythm and numerology criterias and graphics. We will eventually add Chinese horoscope, Tarot, Runes and I Ching sections.

Please email me back at samer@saharasoftware.com for additional details or to confirm interest in New Age Online.

Best Regards,
Samer Saab
VP Marketing
Sahara Software Inc.

For additional information about ProTarot Designer Pro; please visit the Sahara Software website at: Sahara Software ProTarot Designer.

For additional information about ProTarot Reader; please visit the Sahara Software website at: Sahara Software ProTarot Reader.

New Age Pro includes all of Sahara Software's top of the line products including: ProRhythm, ProDream, ProTarot Reader, SoftNumerology, SoftIChing, SoftRunes, and SoftMatch.

Sahara Software Products

Motherwell Multimedia ProTarot Package - The Motherwell Tarot Deck is a new and holistic approach to the ancient Tarot. Its interpretations transpose the Medieval superstition and fear, to a fresh 21st Century consciousness relating enlightened and positive thinking. These cards speak of the "New Age" where humanity finds peace through simplicity. Collective Consciousness for the planet will come through the advent of a Universal currency, a singular language found on the Internet and real time being shared by everyone all at once.

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