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Cheryl Lynne Bradley
Media Specialist
Rollande Thompson
Media Specialist
Cynthia Dicarie
Awesome artist and all around nice person
Centre for Sleep & Dream Studies
Clinton Marquardt, M.A. Psych. R.P.S.G.T. Media Specialist
In Memoriam: Atham-Z
Jesse Gogan-Hall
Spiritual Sharing. Counselling.
Kelvin Black, New Zealand Tarot & I Ching Reader
Our first international member.
Kate Robinson Pearce
A wonderful spiritual presence.
Joyce Selena Timmins
The epitome of kindness. In Loving Memory
Nancy Berthelette
A study in determination and kindness
Arcane Accessories
Sharon passed over on December 30, 2001.
Please enjoy this tribute page and let me know
if you want to add anything.
Bonnie Moss
A wonderful and gracious lady.
Danielle Berthelette
Deep Thoughts.
Karen Quigley
A gracious lady.
Sheryl Lewis
Another Gemini!!
Josephine Mori
Tarot of the Sephiroth.
Nicole Cormier
The Maritime Mystic.
Sita DeCastro
The Isis School of Mystical Arts.
Alain St. Jean
UFO's & Apocalyptic Visions.
Brian Bradley
Social Activist
Strength and endurance.
In Memoriam: Marta Martin
The Gargoyle lover.
Horse Whisperer.
Ewout Oord
The Grinning Wolf From the Netherlands.
Mavis Doak
Wild women stumble but they never fall.
Darlene Robichaud
A beautiful person inside and out.
Bewitched Astrology by Darlene Leverett
Anne Semenovich
An extremely gifted clairvoyant.
Crystal Berthelette
A beautiful page for a lovely lady.
Margaret Tanner-Zinck
Web Design and Computer Instructor, NS.
Peggy Giuliano
Zena the Warrior Princess.
Jennifer G.
Mystic Connections.
Gerd Altendorf
Tarot of the Golden Tsar
Rachelle Robillard
A Beautiful Old Soul.
Brent Bradley
Multiple talent, magic wands, walking sticks and more.
Julia A.
An open heart and mind.
Artur Luiz Machado Neto
Colour & Energy Specialist. Brazil.
Mel McCallum, R.M.T.
Registered Massage Therapist, Ottawa area.
Bonnie Burns
A Lighthouse lover.
Steamboat Lizzie
Lizzie had a steamboat....
Karen Bradford
Songwriter and mother. Chair Massage.
Susan Kopp
Workaday Kneads.
Eva Yaa Asantewaa
A dark angel with diamonds for eyes....
Gerry Young
Ontario Regent - Clan Young.
Mary Lockwood
Another great and generous lady.
Evangelynne's Page
A Beautiful Soul - building this one too!
Kristen Camp
Bellydancing Queen of the Universe!
Brenda Porteous
My best friend.
To be added
Doug Hughton
A fine man.
A Great Lady with a unique voice.
Laura Dicairie
A Psychic rider.
Cindy's Art
Amazing artist.
Shannon Parsons
A loving spirit. UnderConstruction
Collette Yvonne
Read an Excerpt from her new book "The Queen of Cups".
Tarot Consultant and Author
White Owl
White Owl's Cauldron.
Nanci Bern
Tarot & Kaballah
Kathleen O'Neil
The Black Dove

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