The Undercover Angel


My name is Cheryl Lynne Bradley and I am the President of Tarot Canada International. Thank you for making time to visit with us here today.

I was bestowed a spiritual gift which instilled knowledge when I was five years old. I have hard-travelled on many roads since then. Our wisdom is based on the hardship of our experience.

I believe that God, however you conceive it, exists in us, as us. The only way we can develop as human beings is by developing an understanding of our relationship with God. Religion is for people who believe in hell, spirituality is for people who have been there. If we are not loving ourselves then we are not loving God.

Forgiveness is an act of creation. Thought plus faith creates. Mercy is an integral part of forgiveness and creativity. Our creativity is what nurtures our self-esteem. If you have no faith, you have no mercy. Life is a string, don't cut it.

I am a professional highly intuitive and gifted reader. I believe that empathy is the highest form of love. I have done TV, radio and print work.

Please come back and visit our pages again, you will always be welcome here.

Blessed be you and may God, however you conceive that to be, bless and keep you.

Interview with me on the
Tarot Guild's Tarot Today Radio Show February 5, 2012

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Available Services

The cost for a reading is $100US or $100Cdn. Dream Interpretations are $25US or $25Cdn. Please email me with your reading requests providing me with the MDY or your birth and of anyone else you would like to know about and any questions you would like covered. For a Dream Interpretation send me your birthdate and details of your dream. If your request is urgent, please indicate so in your email and I will try to reply in a timely manner.

Chance, Vange & Cheryl

The Seer's Prayer

© Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2002-3

I embrace Jesus in my life,
So I may always have a friend
And I will never know spiritual hunger.

I embrace God in my life,
So I may see God in all things
And all things in God,
And I am humbled in the Silence of Presence.

I embrace Spirit in my life,
So I may have wisdom for right action,
Grace and dignity under all pressures,
Composure in crisis,
Compassion for all,
Strength and endurance for deep dives, hard roads and dark valleys.
The Light of Truth will always illumine my path.
All ways in all ways, always.
All is well.


The Undercover Angel Newsletter - Once a month (or every couple of months) I will post articles related to Tarot,
or other spiritual practices, from an Esoteric Christian point of view (sort of).

In Loving Memory of Brent

In Loving Memory of Mom

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In Loving Memory of Joyce
Aeromancy: It's Written in the Wind, It's Written in theAir
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Religious Symbolism in Dream Interpretation
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Justice Key XI: The Just Society
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Death Key XII: The Only Certain Peace
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The Kingdom Within Tarot by Juno Lucina and Shannon ThornFeather,
A Review
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A Review
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The Alchemy of Tarot by Juno Lucina
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The Fool: Pilgrim on the Road,
A Poor Wayfaring Stranger
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Mystery of Redemption
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An Interview with Robyn-Anne Pollard
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A Rock Not Made of Stone
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Bad Moon Rising
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It's a Mercury Retrograde Christmas!
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Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!
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Silver Era Tarot: A Review
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The Rooms at the End of the Hall
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Author, Photographer and Deck Creator
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In Memory of Walter Ernest Bradley 1989-1976
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Shaking Like A Human, Being
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And Yet Another Method for Reading Ordinary Playing Cards
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Willie Nelson, Ray Price, The Boxmasters featuring Billy Bob Thornton
Ottawa Civic Centre, April 7, 2009
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The Pirate Tower
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Time Frame Reference for the Minor Arcana (c)

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Captain Mysterious
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Hard Rock and Old Bones
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Preventing Hair Loss In Men (c)

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9 Things A Reader Should Remember

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2 of Swords: 2 Words
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Silent or Silenced?
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Reading the Bible for a Sign
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Keys don't just open doors ©

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Ace of Swords: Seizing the Power of Discernment©

Apple Divination©

Social Navigator Tarot Layout©

The Raven: Balancing Man and Nature©

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