A Tale of Four Kings
(c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2004

The King of Wands was out for his morning jog around the lake in the park. He spotted the King of Cups treading water desperately in the lake trying to keep his head above water. The King of Wands jumped in, dragged the King of Cups to shore and resuscitated him.

The King of Wands continued with his morning jog, only to see the King of Swords drowning. The King of Swords had gone under for the third time and all that could be seen were his air bubbles. He dove into the lake again, dragged the King of Swords to shore and resuscitated him. After finishing his second rescue, the King of Wands resumed his jog, albeit he was getting weary from his heroic efforts.

Soon enough he saw the King of Cups and the King of Swords both back in the lake and drowning again. He saw the King of Coins sitting nearby, deep in thought. The King of Wands called out to the King of Coins to rescue one of the two and he would rescue the other.

The King of Coins was very slow to respond. The King of Wands shouted at him, "Why aren't you helping?" The King of Coins replied, "I am doing something. I'm trying to figure out who keeps throwing them in the lake."


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