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Using a standard playing card deck, remove the 2ís, 3ís, 4ís, 5ís and 6ís from the deck; this will leave you 32 cards. Have the querent shuffle the cards and cut them into three piles. Pick up the first pile and ask the querent to pick out three cards to represent the past. Pick up the second pile and have the querent pick out five cards to represent the present. From the third pile have the querent pick out seven cards to represent the future. Read the cards using the appropriate meanings, while paying attention to combinations and time frame. You could also use the Minor Arcana from a Tarot deck, with or without the Pages, for this type of reading.

Remember that Hearts are about love, relationships and home life; Spades represent anxieties, sex and possible troubles; Clubs represent personal happiness, power and achievement; and Diamonds represent money and business related issues.

Reading Ordinary Playing Cards

More Reading Ordinary Playing Cards

Another Method for Reading Ordinary Playing Cards


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