More Reading Ordinary Playing Cards
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Due to the amazing popularity of the article I wrote on Reading Ordinary Playing Cards , I thought I would share another method of divination using regular cards. This method uses the whole deck of cards and requires that you choose a Significator from one of the court cards to represent yourself. Don't separate this card from the deck but you need to be aware of it in case it surfaces during this method. A married man would choose a King, a single one the Jack and women choose their Queen. If you use a Tarot deck with the Pages, use the Queen as a married woman and the Page as a single woman. Choose the suit that is most appropriate to your complexion.

Shuffle the cards thoroughly. Deal the cards out one by one facing up. As you turn the first cards say "king", the second card say "Queen" and so on down the numbers. Every time the card matches with the name you called, set it aside. Begin again at "King" continuing to turn the cards until you have gone through the deck once. If you finish with the last card being a "Seven", start counting back down with "Six", if it is an "Eight" start counting at "Seven" and so on. Start the cycle again with "King" and go through the whole deck again. Go through the cards one more time. The cards that have matched are the cards you use for reading.

You might not pull out very many cards. This means your life is uneventful right now. Nothing of major significance is really happening if the cards you draw are seven or under. If there are few Court cards drawn it means you are having few dealings with people. Hearts are love, clubs are troubles, spades are sex and diamonds are money. Spades and diamonds represent the things that you can't avoid or change unless you have managed to draw out the card you chose to represent you. This will give you more power in your situation. If you draw the 9 of Spades(9 of Swords if you use Tarot)and haven't drawn your Significator, it means that anything you try to do will be ineffective, you will have to take a wait and see attitude and draw on your inner strength to get you through. Try a reading again in a couple of days and the influence might have passed.

Use the meanings from the first article. Journal your readings and date them, this will help you keep track of trends and issues that don't seem to be moving. This would also be readily adapted to Tarot cards, leave out the Major Arcana, you can use the Pages if you like, just be sure to include them in the count as you go through the deck.

Trivia: Not Playing with a Full Deck...
Back in the good old days, playing cards were a very common form of entertainment and accessible to everyone. For some inexplicable reason, there was a tax levied when purchasing playing cards but only applicable to the Ace of Spades. To avoid paying this tax, people would purchase 51 cards instead. Most card games require the use of all 52 cards, so the people who purchased 51 card decks were thought to be stupid or dumb because they weren't "playing with a full deck."


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