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Michael's Bronze Award for Web Excellence, August 26, 2000.  Thank you Michael!!!

A friendly hello to you Cheryl, thank you very much for your kind application for my humble award. Sorry for the delay in answering but I was on holidays. In the meantime I checked out your site some times and enjoyed it. Now the ranking for your site is fixed.

Congratulations: your site scored 64 on the first shot - this means bronze

An interesting site with much information - for sure an important resource in the web for the interested visitors. Design, quality, content and function are o.k. - good job!

Keep on with your good work and enjoy the award !

Greetings from Germany


Logic's Web Excellence Silver Award

Hi Cheryl, I have today reviewed the Tarot Canada Intl web site and found it not only of high quality but quite inspirational as well as interesting. I enjoyed learning about your members especially. Attached please find Logic's Web Excellence Silver award.

Betty Malheiro, Logic's Awards

Millennium Design Award

Millennium Design is very pleased to present your site with its Bronze award. As a winner your site has passed all needed criterion by a team of very critical judges. Excellent job.

Bob Taylor
Millennium Design Services

Blu Gnome Award of Excellence

Some4.com Humanitarian AwardSome4.com Fantastic Site Award - We won it First!!!!

We are happy to inform you that you have not only one award but two. Your site already had a special place being Canadian, in my book. (Was raised outside Toronto.) Also your site rated and we have created another award which you are the first to receive. You have won the humanitarian award as well as the award for web site design. I would like to state the following reasons.

Your site was very user friendly and easy to follow.
Your site's lay out was both nice and active to the eye and flowed quite well from page to page.
Your site offered a lot for the user to see and do and was inviting to all to use.

You have done very well with your site and hope your site will continue on and prosper.
congratulations! some4.com Ron-Owner (Webmaster)

Canadian Achievement Award from Krista's Korners

I visited your site today and think you have done a great job. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure in presenting you with the Canadian Award.

Have a great day!

Purely Canadian First Place Award!!!

Peace Work Bronze Certified Site Award!!!

Greetings and congratulations! Your site has been evaluated by the PeaceWork Certified Sites Judges' Panel and has been designated a Bronze Certified Site! This Certification assures your visitors that your site is attractive, has interesting content and navigates easily. It also assures you that all your hours of design and research have not been in vain. Our panel is comprised of five judges with differing levels of Web expertise. We are all graphic designers, and that in itself tells folks a lot about your site.

There are three higher levels; Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Any time you feel you've improved your site to the degree that a higher level may be obtained, please resubmit for an upgrade. And don't feel discouraged; less than half of the submitted sites we receive are of high enough quality to make it to the evaluation process and of the ones that do, less than a third receive a Certification. You are definitely well on your way to having a site truly worthy of any "Best of the Web" awards. Your score was 271 out of a possible 300 points . . . good job!

Thank you for submitting and again, congratulations.

The PeaceWork Certified Site Judges' Panel
Jef, Cyd, Tig and Emma-Kate

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