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"I love Tarot and I love Numerology. As a tribute to numbers, I chose to create my artwork using fractal programs such as Kaosrhei, Winfract, and Tierazon. Its been hinted to me that this isn't the greatest deck in the world for "fortune-telling" but that isn't why I created it. A lot of authors out there are constantly emphasizing the need for the student of Tarot to create their own deck at some point. Since 1989, when I was 17, I have been using everyone else's cards and over the last few years, I felt that my readings were beginning to lack depth and were becoming one-dimensional. When I look at these cards its like walking through a magic door into the collective unconscious that connects us all. I realize that for all of us this comes through many different sets of images, which is why at some point we probably all get the urge to create our own cards. For a long time I used Thoth, and then The Vampire Tarot, The Hallowe'en Tarot, The One World Tarot, Cosmic Tribe, and Crow's Magick. I welcome all comments and feedback from anyone who uses this deck."

Nicole Cormier, Creator "Fractal Universe Tarot"

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