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Awesome Bands

J.W. Jones

Autumns Canon: A Great New Ottawa Band
Featuring Nick Beaton (all around great guy), Shaun Francisco & Troy Huizinga
Check out their Facebook Group

Function Entertainment - always looking for new performers.
No matter what you are.....a ROCK band, a hip hop artist or dj or if you are an electronic music Dj of any genre, get in touch with us and gain EXPOSURE.
They did an OUTSTANDING job for us at BobStock this year!

Quicksand - the rocked the walls down at O'Shack. Great party band!

Willie Nelson, Ray Price, The Boxmasters featuring Billy Bob Thornton
Ottawa Civic Centre, April 7, 2009
A Review (c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2009

Kevin Ficzere

Kirk Armstrong - Buy his new CD "Island" $10

Helium - they rocked at O'Shack!!!

O'Shack - they only party with the best!

O'Shack Pictures September 22, 2008 (c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2008-9. The last one.

Sons of Maxwell

No Buds For Bob

Uncle Seth

The Music Never Stops

Real Gone Daddies

Butterflies & Zebras Slideshow (59 images)

Butterflies& Zebras


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