"The Everything Love Spells Mini Book"
Adams Media Corporation
ISBN: 1-58062-388-3
188 Pages, $6.95Cdn
A Review (c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2006

Springtime is often considered the season of love. Spring is fresh with rebirth, beauty, fullness and vitality. It refreshes the spirit after the often agonizingly long, barren purity and coldness of a Canadian winter. Many people stuggle in life with loneliness and living without love. There is also a strong variation in many people's viewpoints on the use of Love Spells and their intrusion on free will. "The Everything Love Spells Mini Book" which encourages us to create our own magic, offers a real variety of ways to create and use a Love Spell which are respectful of free will and encouraging of self-esteem and personal power.

This is a small book, it would fit easily into your purse, which contains a wealth of information. There are 7 Chapters: Spells & the Power of Belief; Learning to Cast Spells; Love Spells; Increasing Your Personal Power; Maifestation; Divination; Parting Thoughts and a section of pages where you can write your own spells. The book is oriented around Wicca teachings, beliefs and philosophy but would have appeal for everyone.

The author, who is not named by Adams Media, teaches us that "Belief is at the core of any spell. Without it all you have are words and gestures, light and dust, nothing but bluster.." She makes a salient point that very often we already possess that which we desire the most, but our belief that we don't, cripples us. This applies to issues of the heart, abundance, courage and freedom from worries. We have to learn to shift our deepest beliefs when they are not serving our needs or they are standing in the way of our progress in life. Very often our beliefs are very self-limiting. Nod your head if you have every thought any of the following things: I am not worth.; I'm a victim.; My relationships stink.; I'm trapped.; Money is the root of all evil.; I live in an unsafe world. She invites us to Brainstorm by taking a quiz of 22 questions to ascertain just where we are self-limited.

The section on Learning to Cast Spells is very clear. She discusses the Lunar Cycles and their significance in Spellwork. There is a wonderful Moon Attunement and some very interesting information on the Moon and Astrology. She encourages us to create a shopping list for our life and includes another Brainstorming section focused on understanding our desires and moving towards actualizing them. She advises us on Gratitude and Good Spells and includes a beautiful Zen Prayer to use as the first spell you should cast. Write it out, post it where you can see it and repeat it several times a day. You can use this for people struggling with addictions or other serious issues in their lives. When you write out the prayer, write down the name of the person you are saying the prayer for. More than one person can say this prayer for the same person, it will increase the amount of good energy and well being around the person to enable them to make the changes they need to make in their life.

This prayer is for _____________

May he/she be.....
May he/she be filled with loving kindness
May he/she be well
May he/she be peaceful and at ease
May he/she be happy

The section of Love Spells focuses on defining what you want, appropriate ingredients, colours and candles. There is a section on Breathing With Colour. Loving Yourself, Love Incense and Power Days followed by 9 love attraction spells, two of them which utilize Tarot. There are two spells to enhance your current relationship, two for personal empowerment and two to enhance your sex life. She has covered all the bases.

The next section is devoted to Divination and offers us spells to enhance our intuition and boost our confidence as well as charms, amulets and power bundles. She also includes a warning about Spells, Charms and Charlatans which is designed to warn us off anyone who promises, for a large amount of money, to work a spell to solve our pressing issue. This is the most common psychic scam that people will encounter.

The fifth Chapter discusses Manifestation and the ability to recognize changes that are occurring in our lives. She speaks briefly on Dream Incubation and using our dreams to manifest what we need and to focus on the present and not on the future. Another section of Spells follows. These are designed to help us create positive energy, binding, return of lost pets, a Charisma Spell and some Bubble Magic. The next short section talks about Reality Shifts and the top 5 shifts in our reality which we may experience: Appearances; Disappearances; Transportations; Transformations and Changes in Time. Recognizing these types of changes indicates that we are beginning to recognize manifestation in our lives.

Chapter 6 is devoted to Love Divination using Tarot, Runes and Astrology. There are 5 Tarot Readings which address if you spell is working, the basis of the relationship, what we are really looking for in a soul mate, what is happening in our present relationship and a Tarot and Astrology layout. She closes with some final thoughts on the process of spellworking and manifestation. The book ends with several pages in which you can write and create your own spells.

A very nice little book containing good information and generous sharing based on personal experiences. It would be nice to know the name of the author.


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