The Only Love Story I Know
(c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 1999-2012

Once there was, and once there was not, a sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl. She danced with the angels under the bluest skies and built houses for the faeries in the snow-time. In her knowing, love wasn't love until it was returned, so she gave love-love-unconditional-love to all whose path she crossed. Her love fell fruitless everywhere she thought she has seen the glimmer of the promise of the dream. "Go away sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl, we have nothing for you." So she danced with the angels under the bluest skies and built faerie houses in the snow time and dreamed her dream of love-love-unconditional-love. It was that way for a time-sometime-endless time.

One day the people who had let her grow up around them said, "take your things and go now. Your time is up here." She did not understand the why, but didn't ask, she had known this day would come.

Sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl went out to the world. "There is a place for me in God's world and someone out there who is waiting for love-love-unconditional-love. It is my time to find him."

She set out upon her journey, she danced under the bluest skies and sang for the angels. The faerie people followed her for they were greatly concerned. They understood the ways of people and knew that the girl risked finding sorrow and darkness there.

After a time-sometime-endless time the sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl came to a place of swirling blue waters that babbled to her and fields of green that whispered in the breeze and welcomed her. It was a wonderful place to dance with angels under the bluest sky and she built a faerie house in the hollow of a stately oak tree. The oak tree wrapped a green branch around her and told her to hold on to her dream of love-love-unconditional-love. "What you seek is seeking you." This was the kindest the girl had ever been treated. She wept with joy.

Two blue-blacker-than-black crows swooped and soared above her cawing to her, "Our names are Sorrow and Joy. We will travel with you for time-sometime-endless-time until you find what you seek and that which seeks you."

She was thankful for the company. The faeries were greatly pleased for the sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl for they accepted God's sign that for every sorrow, joy would not be far behind.

Sorrow, Joy and the sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl continued their journey. After a time-sometime-endless-time, they came to quiet village in alow flat land. The bluest sky never seemed to end and the angels were pleased for the land had been touched by God. They spoke among themselves, "The sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl will find what she seeks here." and they danced and lifted her high and told her, "Here you will find love-love-unconditional-love. His name is Beloved of God and you will know him by the glimmer of the promise of the dream shining in his eyes."

The girl couldn't understand all of this but was pleased to know that at long last love-love-unconditional-love would find her too. Sorrow and Joy swooped and soared, their feathers glowing blue-blacker-than-black in the sun. "Follow us and we will find Beloved of God with you."

The sad-green-eyed-dreamer girl walked carefully, one-foot-two-foot, wondering who Beloved of God was and what he would look like. She walked one-foot-two-foot, until she came to a cluster of shops and cottages. She felt tired and thirsty. She looked into the eyes of all she saw, looking for the glimmer of the promise of the dream, but no one looked back. "Go away we have nothing for you."

Discouraged, she came to the village well. She was very thirsty but there was no cup to drink. She sat and did not know what to do. A tear slipped from her eye and, for the first time in her remembering, her feet no longer felt happy.

"Dear God, I have dreamed my dream of love-love-unconditional-love but now I would just be thankful for a cool drink from this well."

Suddenly a warmer-than-warm voice with honey-on-the-edges said, "Sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl, would you drink from my cup?"

She looked up and saw two beautiful hands holding a more silver-than-silver-loving cup. She took a breath and looked higher into the smiling-brown-oh-what-they-did-to-her-eyes of the handsomest boy she had ever seen. 'I am Beloved of God and I have waited for time-sometime-endless-time for you to find your way here."

The dreamer girl could not speak, but a smile came to her eyes, to the corners of her mouth, peace filled her and she saw the glimmer of the promise of the dream shining in his eyes.

There was great rejoicing in the village for the smiling-brown-eyed-handsome-boy with the oh-what-they-did-to-her-eyes and the sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl, who had dreamed their dream of love-love-unconditional-love until their dream of love came true.

Every year on the anniversary of their meeting, the sad-green-eyed-dreamer-girl, Beloved of God and their many beautiful children, danced with the angels under the bluest of blue skies that never seemed to end. They drank from the more silver-than-silver loving cup and renewed their vow of love-love-unconditional-love.

Sorrow and Joy followed them all the days of their lives and their children never forgot to build houses for the faeries in the snow-time. It was this way for time-sometime-endless-time.

Copyright 1999-2012 - Cheryl Lynne Bradley, all rights reserved.

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