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Who are these people and what do they want from me?

by Cheryl Lynne Bradley (c) 2001

As a long time reader with an overly demanding practice, one area related to my gifts has become a constant source of confusion, disappointment, exploitation and betrayal for me. What I have come to discover, and it is greatly saddening, is that, no matter how kind and giving I am with my friendship or my heart, all they want is the psychic.

Reality punches you in the face when someone tells you that they wouldn't want anyone to know they associated with or counted on you for advice. The reason being that "I love you dearly but if other people knew I was associated with someone like you, people just wouldn't take me seriously." "I love you dearly" is never followed by "but". These situations will always blindside you - they just come up and out of nowhere.

When people in our daily life ask us a question, they are not always looking for our opinion. They want, or think they are getting, a prediction all of the time. You need to clarify with people " Are you asking my opinion or do you want a reading?" if they ask you what the difference is, just say "About $100." End of conversation. Another very quick way to tell is to just start talking about what is going on in your life - a phone conversation will quickly come to an end and your house guest, after attempting to return to conversation back to their situation, will suddenly remember "Oh my, I forgot I had to...." or "Oh my is it that time already...". Always remember that when you do something for nothing, very often that is what is thought of it.

This is why I have developed the the Social Navigator Layout or Who are these people and what do they want from me? It will help in weeding out these "psychic vampire sponges with quills" that misuse our gifts, try to internalize our strength, wisdom and health, abuse our spirits so thoughtlessly and waste our hard earned spiritual currency. I think this would also be a very effective reading for clients who are experiencing a lot of issues around work or family or who are contemplating a career change.

This is a twelve card reading. Each card has a specific question that will help us ascertain how to adapt to navigate our social landscape able to avoid, if not eliminate the blindsides. Forewarned is forarmed.

You do not require the whole Tarot deck for this reading. Separate all of the Court Cards and Major Arcana from the deck, set the Minor Arcana aside as you will not need them. Please feel free to use the whole deck if you feel like you want a deeper enhancement.

The twelve cards are broken down into a quadruplicity - three groups of four questions each. The first four questions relate to friendships, families, work and personal relationships, the second four deal with the foundation, social status and potential of long term relationships, both personal and work, and the last four deal with work and business relationships as well as the financial aspects of personal relationships.

Shuffle and cut the cards using your usual method and deal them out as follows:

1.Whom can I trust?2.Who might do me harm?3.Who can I go to for advice?4.Whom can I depend on when in need?

1. Whom can I trust?
2. Who might do me harm?
3. Who can I go to for advice?
4. Whom can I depend on when in need?

5.With whom should I mate?6.Who will be co-operative and reciprocal?7.Who is high or low in the social heirarchy?8.Who is likely to succeed in the future?

5. With whom should I mate?
6. Who will be co-operative and reciprocal?
7. Who is high or low in the social hierarchy?
8. Who is likely to succeed in the future?

9.Who will be a good member of my team?10.Who has the resources I need?11.Who will share their resources with me?12.With whom should I share my resources?

9. Who will make a good member of my team?
10. Who has the resources that I need?
11. Who will share their resources with me?
12. With whom should I share my resources?

If this does nothing more than spare someone the hurt of being misused then it will have served its purpose. I hope you enjoy this reading and that it will help guide you and assist you in navigating the landscape of an ever more confusing and chaotic world. Insight and clarity into what the people in your life have to offer you and how they are viewing you, can only benefit in the long run even if it isn't what you want to hear.

"The tree of knowledge is often watered with the tears of disillusionment."

"A smooth sea never produced a skillful sailor."

"Little children step on your toes. Big children step on your heart."

"Little people talk about other people, middle size people talk about things and big people talk about ideas."

"Success is never final and failure is never fatal."

Sources of Inspiration:
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