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3 of Cups: Celebrate the Beauty of the Good
(c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2007-10

Morgan Greer Tarot: 3 0f Cups

"Do not waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

3 of Cups "The conclusion of any matter in plenty, perfection and merriment; happy issue, victory, fulfillment, solace, healing."
- A. E. Waite "The Pictorial Key to the Tarot"

I was part of that strange race of people aptly described as spending their lives doing things they detest to make money they don't want to buy things they don't need to impress people they dislike.
- Emile Henry Gauvreay

The three most difficult tasks in life are neither physical feats nor are they intellectual achievements. Rather they are moral acts: 1. To return love for hate. 2. To include the excluded. 3. To say, "I was wrong." Sydney J. Harris

The 3 of Cups in the Tarot is often depicted with three women, dancing around a fire with their cups raised in the air. It is a card the depicts an obvious feeling of celebration and rejoicing. It begs the questions: What is the cause of the celebration? What kind of music or drumbeat are they dancing too? Are they singing or are they chanting? Are they just having a grown up version of Ring Around the Rosey? What is in those cups? Are they sisters, relatives, friends or co-workers? How long have they waited for this celebration? Is it a reunion? Is it a triumph? Is it just because?

"Strange is our situation here upon earth. However, there's one thing that we do know. Man is here for the sake of other men, above all for those upon whose smile and well-being our own happiness depends. And also for the countless unknown souls with whose fate we are connected by a bond of sympathy."
-- Albert Einstein

Beauty is closely tied with truth, goodness and loss. These are all qualities of the Divine in nature and within ourselves. They dance to celebrate belief in the unity of the beautiful, the good and the true. These women dance in the joyful celebration of their own sensitivity to beauty, their own inner truth and their dedication and belief in the good. It is a hard fought for. These women have given much: they have fed the hungry, given a drink to the thirsty, sheltered the homeless, giving clothing to those who lacked, visited the sick or imprisoned and comforted the sad and sorrowing. They have shared their wisdoms with those who have doubt or ignorance. They have been wronged and been patient. They have forgiven the trangressor but not forgotten the lesson of the transgression. They have prayed for the sick, the dying and the deceased. They have included the excluded, returned love for hate and know when they need to say they are sorry. They have buried their dead and celebrated the living.

So if we cannot hunt down the Good under a single form, let us secure it by the conjunction of three: Beauty, Symmetry, and Truth . . . and regard these three as one. More than all other components of the mixture, these may be considered as the cause, and that through the goodness of these, the mixture itself has been made good.
- Plato

The most important aspect of this rejoicing is that they are alive, fully aware of where they are, where they have been and who they are. They have faced hard facts and harsher truths. Their intuition is sharply honed and their insights have deepenly matured from years of hardship and struggle. They have much to celebrate. They have survived a catastrophe, a broken heart or a cruel loss. They may have carried life inside of them, nursed a child with their body and have loved unconditionally. These women rejoice in the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset. The revel in the smell of the grass after a warm rain or the sweet smell of a babys' breath. They have planted seeds, tended gardens, cleaned their house and explored their creative life (albeit in 5 minute intervals).

These women have bonded in sisterhood - something which all women need to learn how to do. Women treat other women very badly. It is a wonder that the leading cause of death among women isn't choking to death on a furball. These women dance to balance their health, their emotional and spiritual well being, and their right to happiness and contentment. They have shared compassionately, come to terms with responsibility and duty and learned to give lovingly to those who need it most, including themselves.

The loss of these tastes is a loss of happiness, and may possibly be injurious to the intellect, and more probably to the moral character, by enfeebling the emotional part of our nature.
- The Autobiography of Charles Darwin and Selected Letters

This card depicts a celebration and rejoicing of the beauty of the good. They are dancing, singing, chanting, drumming and drinking to rejoice in the power of their own feminity. These women have surrendered the need for certainty and doubt in favour of knowledge. They are not concerned with their state of being or their state of beinglessness, they are becoming. They are not bound by false hopes or equally false despairs, they are not seeking equality for they have found freedom within. They don't see the dark or the light, they are rejoicing in beauty and all its' aspect. They have survived being carried away by their passions, being cut off from their true selves and have risen from their praying knees to their dancing feet.

If they had no feet, no legs or no arms then they would whistle, sing, chant, drum or just howl at the moon.We are all in the dance of life no matter what our circumstances. These women represent overcoming the dark currents of the will and wounds of their embodied souls. They don't dance to take, to keep, to advance, to achieve personal greatness or to hold on to another without allowing them to move forward. They dance to move on.

"If you want what visible reality can give, you're an employee. If you want the unseen world,you're not living your truth. Both wishes are foolish,but you'll be forgiven for forgetting that what you really want is love's confusing joy. Gamble everything for love, if you're a true human being. If not, leave this gathering."


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