The Kind of Love We're In
(c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2005

Seeing eye to eye
Touching heart to heart
You taught me how to love
Right from the very start

Dancing cheek to cheek
Breathing skin to skin
Fell into a well
Of how true love begins

I won't give up believing
Only love will win
I want to show the world
The kind of love we're in

Fire for the heart
You let the feeling burn
Love becoming love
When the love returns

Standing arm in arm
Reaching hand to hand
As long as we believe
We can make a stand

Talking friend to friend
Kissing smile to smile
This is what it takes
To make love last awhile

Laughing tear to tear
Daring dream to dream
Wishing for no other
Love in a starlit beam

Whispers ear to ear
Loving soul to soul
We will be together
Love never gets too old


This page was created April 25, 2005.