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Using Crystals for Healing and Personal Growth
by Atham-Z

When you go out to the "New Age" shops are you a bit overwhelmed by 
the choice and variety of crystals to choose from?  Confused about 
their properties?

The logic behind why they work is as follows:  
Gemstones carry vibrational rates and when you place them on your 
body, the frequency rates of your psyche are changed.  The effects 
are supposedly either indirect and cumulatively potent over the long 
term, or very direct and repeatable in shorter time frames.

Here is a short list of commonly available crystals and what they 
should enhance for you, just to get you started!

AGATE - balances body, intellect and emotions, inborn talents and 

AMAZONITE - activates creative expression; removes energy blocks; 
        soothes nervous system

AMETHYST - conducts peaceful energy; aids intuition; encourages 
        freedom from addictions

AVENTURINE - releases anxiety and fear; boosts tranquility; 
        promotes decisiveness and leadership skills

CHRYSOCOLLA - promotes inner strength in stressful situations; 
        purifies home environment; soothes female ills

CITRINE - stimulates openness; helps solve problems; boosts 
        lightheartedness, joy and cheerfulness

COPPER - increases alertness and sexual balance; stabilizes and 
balances blood flow; detoxifies

FLUORITE - stabilizes chaos; promotes loving detachment; 
        strengthens bones/teeth; heals many disorders

HEMATITE - energizes and revitalizes; attunes the mind; positively 
affects bloodstream

JASPER - nurturing, protects against negativity; promotes healing 
to kidney, liver, spleen, bladder

MALACHITE - clarifies emotions; facilitates insights; removes 
obstructions; represents fidelity and loyalty

OBSIDIAN - focuses inner vision on right course of action; absorbs 
and transforms negativity

PYRITE - promotes harmony and positive outlook; enhances memory 
and digestion

QUARTZ CRYSTAL - amplifies thought forms; promotes clear thinking; 
aids restful sleep; enhances patience

ROSE QUARTZ - heals the heart and emotional wounds; promotes 
forgiveness and compassion

SODALITE - purifies the body; relieves insomnia; helps recognition/
expression of truth

TIGER EYE - grounds and centers; stimulates wealth; brings 
awareness of one's needs

When you have selected a crystal it is generally recommended that 
you carry it on your person in order to activate and thus feel its 
effects.  The more you handle your crystal the more likely it will 
offer its qualities for your assistance and benefit.  There are a 
wide variety of methods for cleansing your crystals, from salt to 
sunshine baths.  Some people simply like to collect them.  I use 
some of mine as wish stones for my clients during readings.  Enjoy 
some experimenting with crystals, as faith in, and optimism about 
their value certainly can't hurt!


... Trivial Tidbit ...

                    So What is a Blue Moon?

       Two Full Moons in one month 
                  make for once in a Blue Moon. 

We are not having any Blue Moons this year but the experts say that 
year 2001 will have an official "Blue Moon" in November.  Your 
geographic location can make a difference to your experience of a 
Blue Moon.  Depending on your longitude you may go through a date 
change prior to other locations which means the full moon is at the 
first of your new month and falls at the end of the preceding month 
somewhere else.  The "blue" one is always the 2nd full moon in the 
same month.  The regular full moons of each month all have their own 
individual names as follows:     
Moon after Yule, Wolf Moon, Lenten Moon, Egg Moon, Milk Moon, Flower 
Moon, Hay Moon, Grain Moon, Fruit Moon, Harvest Moon, Hunters' Moon 
and Moon Before Yule.

Historically the Blue Moon was considered unlucky and a real nuisance 
when it occurred at various times of the year and upset scheduling 
of church festivals.  In love songs  the Blue Moon is often a symbol 
of sadness and loneliness. 

The first appearance in print of this expression goes back to 
the time of Shakespeare, when some folks felt that sometimes the moon 
visually appeared blue in the sky.  Although the expression dates all 
that way back, it has only recently come to mean the second Full Moon 
in one month.  Blue Moon seems to be a truly modern piece of folklore,
old folklore it is not, but real folklore it is.

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AthamZ 2000
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