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Heavenly Starlight Paranormal Award December 2000 - Thanks Sue!!!

Hello Cheryl,

You have an excellent site and your talents and hard work are quite evident! I'm so happy that you like the award and am pleased to present Tarot Canada Intl. with it. I did not design the award. It was designed by a net buddy of mine....:)

Thanks again for your kind words and helpful tips. I appreciate them...:) I'm going to do some updating a little later and will be adding your site to the winners list!

Take care, Sue

Jennifer's Website Award September 2000

Hi there... so sorry for the very long time to get back to you about your award application, but I was discontinuing the one you applied for and was building a new one! :-) It took a bit longer than I had anticipated.

Congratulations on a job well done, and please accept the attached award!

Please link your award to http://www.jennifersimagination.com and, please come and visit my new website!!!!!


Om Place Conscious Living Award - December 2000

IAS Kindness Award

IAS Thank You

Ref.#: 1774 - Sorry for this standarized reply. Don't hesitate to put our attached award online. You've earned him! Please read the whole mail! Hugs Cheryl, hello Canada :-)

.... your are perfectly right. Gemini and libra is a perfect team (when mixed with some earth element).

- Thank you *very* much for reviewing our site and sending your stunning and nice designed award(s). A warm Welcome also as our new cyber-friend and honorable member of one of the world's largest awards galleries. Awards are definitely the smartest way of inter-linking each other, practicing web-kindness and learning from each other. - Your award(s) is *online* now and presented *two times* on our page. We did try to present your award(s) and your site as professional and nice as possible. Just be so kind and test if everything is linked correctly. Use this shortcut:http://www.iol.ie/~taeger/awards/rev121-130.html

CONGRATULATIONS!!! For your kindness of inspecting our site or some other web-kindness we award you with our unique "IAS & MANJUSHRI MANDALA KINDNESS AWARD 2000"***. This is not an award one can apply for. May our Tibetan dragon-king ('drug dru') grant you even more wisdom, energy,success, creativity, health, prosperity and a long life.

We wish you all luck, success and enjoyment for you and your cyber home! May all Buddhas and friendly spirits brighten up your karma, bring you new insights about the nature of your mind and help you to further develop your wisdom and kindness. This is the *only* way to create a better world or 'new age'.

Let's stay in further good contact.
With rainbow-bridges from the Emerald Isle, Hans & Thomas, the 2 crazy Buddhist cyber-monks & friends.

p.s.: Please mention this ref.# 1774 in your correspondence (subjectline).

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