A Christmas Story
(c) Gigi Miner 2006

Once upon a time, there was a happy family (10C). Everything was wonderful for them. They laughed and loved each day, and little blue birds visited them regularly to remind them just how fortunate and blessed they all were.

One day the son got older and decided that he needed to prove himself. He took his faithful staff and wandered off into the world to find is true destiny. Now you have to understand that this young man had always known joy and love. He was taken by surprise when he was accosted by six, not-so-happy men on the road to town. (7W)

He managed to win his battle and ran off into a grove of trees. Exhausted by his unexpected adventure, he fell asleep by a tree, near a pond of water. He dreamed of all of the wonderful gifts he had planned to bring back to his loving family to celebrate Christmas. Yet, in his dream he was unable to find the perfect gifts.

Soon he awakened. The stars shown brightly in the sky, and a young woman knelt by the pond, bowls in hand, pouring the water out. (Star) He was mesmerized by her beauty and how the stars seemed to direct all of their light toward her. He tried to speak, but was struck dumb. The woman looked at him, her eyes as bright as the stars above.

“You are looking for something that you will not find here. I am the Spirit of Christmas. I give to you the gift of true sight. Use it wisely, dear one.” And with the final word, she faded from sight, following the starlight up into the sky.

The young man was heart broken. He felt as though his insides were being cut to ribbons. He began to weep. Never before had he felt such sorrow, for life had always been so happy for him. (3S) The Spirit’s gift was beginning to open his heart as well as his eyes. He knew that what he was feeling was the rest of the kingdom, and they were so heartbroken.

He could suddenly feel something within himself come to life. (1W) He felt the urge to shine the light and love he had always known to others. He could not bear that people felt such pain. As his compassion rose, he began to shine, much like the Spirit of Christmas had while speaking to him.

With that, he sought out the Queen of the kingdom. She had been widowed not long before and the man was sure that the heartache of the kingdom emanated from her injured soul. (QS) He managed to get an audience with Her Majesty. She looked so very sad.

He could not find the words that would bring her comfort, so instead he took up his staff and lifted it into the air. With a silent prayer, he asked the Spirit of Christmas to heal the heart of this beautiful Queen. As he finished his prayer, the staff began to glow with a warm and healing light. (PW)

From that light, the King descended to the empty throne next to the sad Queen. Her heart was instantly healed and the entire kingdom began to feel the love and joy that was now flowing from the castle.

“I give to you, dear Queen, the Christmas gift of your truest love.” (Lovers) The King and Queen thanked their new-found friend and sent him away with a large treasure as a token of their gratitude. The young man realized that the perfect gift he could give was one he had always known and had always had. With that, he returned home to his family and loved them. It was the best gift they had ever received.


This page was created November 19, 2006.