Court Cards
(c) Artur L. Machado 2002

I would like to enclose my opinion about the most important aspect in the Minor Arcana, the Cards of Court, the representations of people that are involved in our lives, symbolized by Kings, Queens , Knights and Pages.

Kings and Queens symbolize the most experienced people and the oldest, in the client's life, they are also the most suitable people's representations, with maturity before the life, people of great political power and of decision, with practical sense and advise, endowed with the intelligence and wisdom, for certain occasions also indicate the relationships and/or events of an older " past " of the client.

Knights and Pages, for our time, are the youngest people, in relation to the client's life, as well as they represent the joviality, vitality, impulsiveness, and or more recent events in the client’s life.

An important item to point out is that they are the qualifications attributed to the Court Cards, being them, the Kings and Knights representing the masculine qualities, the power of decision, the aggressiveness and the authoritarianism and the feminine potentialities, of receptivity, emotional aspects, fertility are all represented in the Queens and Pages.

Thus, I only should consider the image of one of the Cards of Court to the age or sex the referred person, but to observe the qualifications, which denote the existent differences.

It is also necessary to know that each Card of Court, King, Queen, Knight and Page, show their respective Elements or Suits, in our lives, accordingly.

To exemplify:

The Queen of Swords, doesn't mean only a woman young, courageous and certain, it can also be that your qualification is manifested, indicating help from somebody (male/female) with the due sensibility and emotion to face the challenges and obstacles in the client's life.

The King of Shields, symbolizes an older person who is in the consultant's life that can advise on the material goods, bringing due balance, or then, to be considered as " n old project" to which the client has abandoned that will be “reborn”, should feel more security, leaning ( an grown up) on an older man or more expert person’s help.

Knight, expresses the young person’s personification that inspires the jovial, adventurous Spirit, sometimes can represent the immaturity, the necessity of learning about your responsibility, they can also indicate the need of choices, and they are the " existent messages " in the most recent events of the client's life.

Pages, also have the youngest person’s personification, but they expresses more the ideas of the inexperience, of the necessary growth need before the events, demarcates the consultant's transitions, of hid search for answers to more recent situations.

To exemplify:

The Knight of Cups, can be interpreted as a young man linked to the client emotionally, and/or a jovial person, that brings new perspectives, as the due practical sense and determination, as well as, a new situation in which the client needs to be indeed more balanced in his emotional aspect to surpass this cycle.

The Pages of Spears, represents the actuation of somebody young (male/female) that intervenes along the way to bring responsibilities to the consultant, or even a situation that demands the client close attention because it indicates a kind of “pressure " in his decisions, anxiety, worries.

The most important point in Court Cards interpretation it is what this person is doing or what he brings to your life, it is not the age or sex attributes, male or female image.

The Court cards may represent actual people, living or dead, male or female, younger or older in age, mentality, maturity, business sense, common sense, financial or emotional aspects, and also these people do the things to us or for us.

Since using this approach that the Court cards represent actual people, it is possible to identify these people, to attach a name to them right now or at some future date when I meet them.

If the court card appears in a position indicating the past, I should be able to determine exactly who that person was, and if it is in the present, who that person really is, and in the future position, identify as the future unfolds.

Some Tarot Readers, consider the Pages dreamers who dream about things, the Knight runs in circles accomplishing nothing because of their excessive energy, the Queens mend relationships and help people fix things, the Kings make decisions and run things, and the things they do are represented by their suits.

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This page was created on November 13, 2002.