Sacred Spaces & Faery Gifts
Poetry (c) Stephanie Pflumm 2007


There are spaces
in every city
where nature grows wild.
Tangled forgotten gardens,
decayed abandoned buildings.
Places seemingly left alone
to the forces of chaos and neglect.

Take a closer look sweet soul
at these untended places
and you shall see
tiny faery hands
carefully reclaiming
these sacred spaces stolen
by greedy human choices.



Missing keys
and spontaneous giggles.
Two of my favorite
gifts from the faeries.

Drops of morning dew
precisely placed
to perfectly refract
the Sun's first glistening rays.

A sudden burst of flowers
around an unexpected corner.
Discovering a hidden treasure
that makes your burden lighter.

Sweet surprises
the faeries give
when you are
to others.


This page was created February 11, 2007.