Father Time's Eccentricities (c) Atham-Z 2002

For many of us, time remains an enigma. How can we understand the intricacies of something so all encompassing? Even our scientists struggle to explain the true nature of time. Can we find perspective about time? Looking at the writings of Tibetan Buddhist author Tarthang Tulku,.he suggests that we need to understand that the glue linking moments - and also 'things' within moments - is 'time', and only then will we start to develop an understanding of time. Time is every bit as pliable as space, and for much the same reasons. Our experience of time and space is interwoven with the way we perceive the universe. When we change our perceptions, we literally change the universe and our concept of time.

The first thing that seems obvious about Father Time is that perhaps he is sprinting faster and faster as he is (or is that as we are?) getting older. It certainly seems so. One doesn't have to listen for very long to hear the complaint from someone that there just does not seem to be enough time anymore to get everything done that needs to be done. Time is speeding up, is a chronic complaint for those in middle age. That may be what is happening from a metaphysical point of view. Theories exist to suggest this possibility. Looking at Father Time from a perspective that blends both metaphysics and physics - Quantum physics has acknowledged the influence of the observer on what is being observed. A central principle of metaphysics is that thoughts create, or that perception is actually what creates the reality. Perception of time certainly has much to do with who is doing the perceiving. A five year old child perceives the time from one Christmas to the next, to be quite a long period. Meanwhile the fifty year old grandmother feels like she has just completed her gift buying when it is time to start again. For the five year old, those 365 days are 1/5 th of his or her total life experience. For the grandmother, the same 365 days are only 1/50 th. Of course the year is perceived as much longer for the five year old.

Every stimulus we encounter in life is interpreted and experienced based on our own knowledge sets and our own accumulated experiences we have had in life up to that point. Reality for any one person is completely subjective. Combine an individual's perception of reality with all the other perceptions on the planet and you get a group reality concept. (Also known as racial consciousness.) Metaphysically we believe that those combined perceptions actually result in what we all observe and experience as reality. What we call "reality" is a result of our observations. What we call our "life" is actually an observation that takes place in the 'now', and literally disappears as soon as it takes place. Humans have invented the concepts of past and future to put 'now' into perspective. Our 'now' is a procession of events and stimuli. Our past is remembered background experiences that allow us to make sense of the 'now'. Our thoughts of future are a projection of likely consequences that we imagine arise from our past and our 'now'. Once a person understands that "reality" is not an objective, scientifically fixed independent state of affairs, but rather an assumption we make in our own minds, then it becomes much easier to see that the "speed of time" may in itself be a reality dependent on our own personal observations.

We think about prospective actions in our minds. That process of thinking takes place in the "astral realm". After we have considered an action, we can then cause that action to manifest into the physical realm by actually doing the action. If so, when did the action "occur"? When we first thought of it in our mind or when we first created a physical manifestation by force of will? Think about this process backwards. If we wanted to erase that action completely wouldn't we have to go back and eliminate it from the thinking/thought stage? Doesn't that mean that the origin of the action occurred when it was first conceived, not when it physically took place. Easy to see why spiritual metaphysicians put enormous emphasis on what thoughts we allow into our minds!

Theoretical physics has plenty to say about time. A lively debate began in the 1920's between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr and continues to this day. Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose clearly emphasize that all matter seems to move from precise orderliness at the beginning to complete chaos at the end. (Acting according to entropy.) Most of us could take one look at our lives today and say "yup, things sure seem to be moving away from controlled order towards disorganization". Father Time not only seems to be running faster and faster but he is kicking up quite a bit of dust and dirt in the process.

Ancient Mayans taught that the "fifth world" ended in 1987 and that the "sixth world" wouldn't begin until 2012 so that we are now in the "revealing time" between worlds. They said the sixth world is a blank slate. What ends up written on that slate will be solely determined by how we choose to act upon the revelations we are now learning. Some pessimists consider this yet another prediction for the end of the world.

Father Time may be jogging so fast because he has got to get to some finish line before it is too late. To emphasize this, we're even told that the Earth's "pulse" is vibrating much faster. The "Schumann Resonance" is said to have been at 7.83 cycles per second for thousands of years but in 1980 began increasing to today's rate of 12 cycles per second, which would equate to a 15 hour day instead of the 24 hour one in which we are used to getting things done. Father Time also played a major role for that incredible visionary Nikola Tesla, who in 1901 devised a planetary system of instant communication on a totally inter connected electronic grid (the Internet).

It seems fair to say, that whatever the cause, Father Time does seem to be running faster. This raises two major issues for psychic consideration:

1.) What are you doing with your time? Are you placing the appropriate value on it?
2.) How efficient are you? For instance, are you disciplined about controlling thoughts on the astral plane, or do you wait until those thoughts have manifested into actions on the earth plane and then you try to solve the problems they create?

It is obviously time now to generate peaceful thoughts on the astral plane, so that we don't run out of time for that peace to manifest in our own future realities. Have a great New Year and keep up the pace and the course for eventual peace!

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This page was created May 4, 2002.