Homeopathy: Medicine for the Mind, Body & Spirit

A Synopsis of the Workshop Presented on April 7, 2001
by Rosemary Tayler
Ottawa School of Homeopathy
Tarot Canada Spring Spirit Festival

Rosemary Tayler runs the Ottawa School of Homeopathy and is a professional member of the Ontario Homeopathy Association. Rosemary has been practicing Homeopathy for 13 years and was apprenticed in an old way of learning by two Indian women. Rosemary is the author of "Homepathy for Pregnancy and Childbirth" which was published last February. The aim of this book is to educate people in all aspects of childbirth, from the parents to the doctors, how homeopathy can be utilized and what value there is to the mother in understanding the science behind homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies send a distinct electromagnetic message to the body to facilitate change and balance. It is helpful for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and will bring an individual to a place of balance. The herb Arnica Montana is used for physical accidents after being diluted 30 times, Less than one molecule is needed to promote healing of bruises but it will also work on the emotional level to treat the shock or trauma of the accident or injury.

Homepathy operates on the principle that there are two kinds of medicines, opposites and similars. The Law of Similars states likes are cured by likes and the basic principles followed in Homeopathy focus on treating the person not the disease, least is best and the song of symptoms. The pharmacy starts with the Mother Tincture, then Serial Dilution and Succussion/Energization. The Dilution Scales used are Decimal (X,D,DH), Centesimal (c,CH), Korsakovian (K) and Fiftieth Millesimal (LM).

Some Homeopathic remedies are Acute/Short Acting Emergency treatments and others focus on the Long Lasting/Deep Acting/Wholeperson aspect of treatment. There are some simple rules to follow when using Homeopathic remedies: Match symptoms; Stop as soon as better: Do not touch the remedy; Melt it mouth; Avoid coffee - decaf, regular tea, colas and chocolate are alright to consume; Avoid peppermint tea, perfume, camphor, strong odours; Keep the remedy out of the sun and away from computers, microwaves and TV's; No food or drink for half an hour 30 CH (Centesimal) or one hour 200 CH (Centesimal) before and after treatment.

Some common remedies are Calendula which heals the skin, is a mild antiseptic and will reduce the pain from a wound. A diluted Mother Tincture would be applied externally by adding a few drops to a bowl of water and soaking the wound several times a day. Cocculus is used for jet lag, car sickness, shift workers and for any mother who has had to stay up tending a sick child and cannot fall back to sleep. Aconite is used for the treatment of fears and earaches. Ferrum Phos 6X is taken when the throat becomes scratchy and stop a cold before it starts. This remedy activates the hemoglobin to carry more oxygen to the tissues to fight the inflammation.

For more information, please visit Rosemary's website or sign up for her informative newsletter. Our thanks to Rosemary for sharing her expertise with us so graciously.

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