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To Attract Someone Special into Your Life
Shared by Darlene Leverett

Dreaming is an intimate activity that we all do every night whether we remember having done it or not. It offers us a revealing glimpse into our desires, fears, fantasies and, even, our futures. Did you know that, with practice, you can actually learn how to dream about specific issues or people? The following exercise is based on an ancient Tantric technique which is designed to summon the image of your lover into your dreams.

Place a lighted candle on a table about three feet in front of you. Close your eyes and do deep breathing until you feel very calm. Hold the thought that you are neither awake nor dreaming, but in a meditative state of consciousness that balances between the two. Now, open your eyes and gaze, unblinking, at the flame of the candle. Visualize the flame taking the shape of either a man or a woman depending on the gender you wish to attract. If the imagery is difficult for you, trying picturing him or her with arms over the head and palms together. See the figure moving sensually as the flame flickers.

Visualize the person gazing steadily into your eyes. Keep your mind clear of thoughts and focus only on the visual experience. Be aware that you are balanced between waking and dreaming and know that, because of this, your lover will appear to you in your dreams.

Do this exercise for at least five minutes and try to repeat it every day. As you get better at it, try to increase the length of the exercise to 15 minutes or more. Remember to keep your eyes still and your mind as empty as possible. After you have practiced the exercise for some time and are able to do it with less effort, visualize the flame disappearing. This should leave the image of your future lover in front of you.

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