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(c) Artur Luis Machado Neto 2001-2002

My friends

I know in 2001 was a very hard period, where each one of us went by moments of difficulties and face to face was self afraid, and had to learn to dominate them.

We had our tested faith, we are before great sufferings and also a lot of happiness.

Next year, 2002, the Astrological regency will be of the Sign of Leo and the domain of the SUN, it will be made present, it will be the year of the HORSE (of Water) in the Chinese Year, what brings with itself larger accomplishments, a fight for our objectives, but the one where day by day we can see and to have the due conquests in our hands.

Everything that we learned in 2001, will be the lever for the Success in 2002, don't leave like this that discourage , try to hug the innovations that will be made present.

The one that teaching below, is a ritual to improve our receptivity with that good one Astral: )

Betweem the period Dec 21 and 25, to do a bath with the following herbs:

Mint, clove(11), Bayleaf (5), Lavender and Basil

To boil the herbs in a liter of water, for 5 to 10 minutes, later it is filtered and after it, mix more cool water with a small spoon of honey (very pure), take your usually bath and take this shoulders down.

Should avoid the pork ingestion and of drunk alcoholic, only on that day.

Should light a White candle in a plate with honey and a glass with water, asking for your Guardian Angel, to clean the Breeze, of all the envy that are harm you the road. In the period of entrance of the New Year, among 29 up to Jan/ 01, it should be had flowers yellow, white and red, how many they want and at least a Sun Flower, to bring GOOD LUCK and FINANCIAL improvements $$$.

It is fundamental, that a small basket is had (or bowl) with fruits and roots (as sweet potato, corn, etc all cooked), the most varied possible, and all home should eat a little less for the of fruits and of those roots, for the UNION IN THE HOME AND HEALTH IN the FAMILY.

Who to want can do a "patua" (Charm), in a small cloth sack ( Yellow), containing, one bayleaf, 9 seeds of grapes (white or black) and one or three sunflower , the beneficial vibrations will be like this always close to you.

For the PROSPERITY home, you should burning (between Jan 01 until 03) with the lavender mixture, mint, clove (powder)and some myrrh (or incense), who is not able to, option to smoke with incense sticks , of mossy rose, benzoin and Bayleaf (a type for each one of the days).

Merry Christmas. That in 2002, all your dreams become True Peace, Health and Prosperity Always With you and With your dear family.



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