Prosperity Planters
Claudette Griffith 2003-7

Gardening season is a fine time to think about growing many things, including your savings account, so with that in mind I have written this spell to grow that, as well as a wonderful container garden.

Here is a list of supplies you will need:

1 large pot or planter
potting soil
bits of broken pottery or stones for drainage
green pen (minty colors are especially effective)
watering can
herbs or flowers
small gardening trowel (optional)

Take to your altar as many as the supplies as possible, but don't obsess if you can't get them all there. Bless them and ready them for the task that you are charging them to. Write on the paper the money goal you have set for yourself. Be realistic, think about the length of time you have to save. I usually try to make it the approximate length of the gardening season. In the bottom of your pot place your drainage material, I like to write on the larger pieces, you can put in almost any other goal you would like to reach, however I usually write about things that will help me reach my primary goal. On the largest pieces I write words like dedication, commitment, humor, sacrifice, words that relate to what I will need in order to reach my goal. Next, place a small amount of soil in the bottom of your pot, as you do so, notice the deep rich color of the mix, smell the life giving humus of the soil and send into the soil some of your person energy so it can better feed the plants that will be grown in it.

Next place the paper with your money goal written on it in green into the soil. On top of the paper place several coins, if it is a small amount of money you are working toward then small coins are fine, larger amounts should be reflected by large denomination coins. For instance, if I wish to save $1000 dollars I would use 10 quarters, one for each $100.. For larger amounts, a trip to he bank might be required to get silver dollars. As you put them into the pot think about the sacrifices you are willing to make to meet your financial goals. Cover them with more soil, now add the plants, flower, and or seeds. When choosing your seeds and plants you may want to keep their correspondences in mind, there are a large number that are compatible with money magick, though anything green can symbolize money.

When I am planting, I usually use herbs and other eatables. My reasoning behind this is that the harvest saves me money in the grocery store and I am more aware of the money I am saving by preparing my food at home rather than eating out. Watch and nurture your small garden, but do not be alarmed if it doesn't do as well as you hoped. Spirit understands that some people are not natural gardeners and will still hear your desire as long as you are putting forth the effort.

Once the plants are all in your container, water them in well, place them in a sunny spot and watch them grow. Check them every few days making sure to water as needed. If you desire, you can fertilize them. I try to use organic fertilizers as much as possible. Fish emulsion is smelly but works wonders, other option is using a compost tea made from kitchen scraps. Store bought fertilizers and pesticides should be used with care, but are sometimes useful.

Several times a week, spend time with your small garden, prune, stroke, and marvel at the wonder of nature. Reflect on your goals and stay focused while enjoying nature's beauty. You may want to sing or chant to your garden while concentrating on your desire.

"Money grows with growing things,
Focus gives my dream wings."

Plants to consider.

Any plant which bear heavily is ideal for this type gardening. Tangible results may really help you reflect on the Goddess's bounty. Even when it seems you have zucchini enough to feed the world and are wishing for the end of the harvest or more zucchini recipes, it will speed your goals along. Green beans grown in a trough garden, allowed to grow up a trellis or sticks stuck in the pot are ideal, they provide both food and privacy in the way of a screen.

Herbs are also wonderful choices for this type of gardening. If you are a first time gardener, mint is ideal, as long as it is kept watered, it will grow prolifically. Other culinary prosperity bringers are Basil, chives, marjoram, and dill.

If you are strictly a flower person, almost any annual will do. The heavier blooming types or those that produce many seeds are most useful. Sunflowers are the first to come to mind for seed and other reliable bloomers are geraniums and petunia. Also any yellow blooms represent gold and financial gain.

When the growing season has ended, compost any remaining plants, dig through the dirt and retrieve the coins adding them to your savings. If you have reached your goal, congratulations! If not, save the bits of crockery and use them on an indoor gardening project.

This type of garden can easily be adapted for other uses, such as protection (placed by the front door) or the wish for a new love, simply replace the coins for other items that represent your desire.

To increase effectiveness, perform during a waxing moon during any fertile moon sign. A farmer's almanac will have the information on the proper dates, as will the witch's datebook or calendar. For both prosperity and gardening Taurus and Capricorn are ideal, for relationships try Scorpio, or for protection try Cancer or Taurus.

Many Blessings,


PS Please consider adapting this spell by planting a pot under the sign of Virgo for the protection of our soldiers.


This page was created May 15, 2003 and updated on 2007-06-13.