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A psychic junkie is a person who becomes so very dependent on receiving direction from their chosen psychic that they get to the stage where they are unable or perhaps more accurately, they are unwilling, to make even the simplest decisions for themselves.

Every legitimate psychic works hard to and is subsequently delighted to generate accurate predictions in readings. But a person who over reacts to this precognitive insight by seeking it too frequently from a psychic is trying to put the burden of the responsibility for their actions, and the subsequent outcomes in their lives, on the shoulders of their psychic. I certainly don't want to be responsible for anyone in that fashion.

Not all psychics are completely ethical and this unfortunate dependency becomes reliable income for some of my colleagues. Here is where the concept of the psychic as a scam artist originates. Psychic junkies do a great disservice to themselves and the psychic profession. Another problem for psychic junkies is in needing to hear from the psychic what they "want" to hear. Ethically that is also an impossibility for a legitimate psychic to provide on demand. The junkie then seeks a different psychic, and then yet another reader until finally one comes up with what the person wants to hear. This problem escalates into an addictive habit of seeking collaborative readings from whomever, whenever.

The junkie gets to need a "fix" or a reading as often as they can access one. This might end up with the person getting readings several times a day on a telephone line or numerous different readings in one afternoon at a psychic fair. "Psychic junkie" is an accurate term, because the cost, both financially and in terms of their mental health, to the individual of this addiction can be debilitating. The cost to the psychics is in their credibility. A sad state of affairs all around.

When I am requested to complete readings for a repeat customer, I generally ask that the person wait at least 4 months before seeking another reading unless they are dealing with new problems or concerns for which they have never sought psychic advice in the past. It often takes that length of time or longer for the events that were foreseen or read to unfold.

Please don't judge psychics based on people who abuse their services.

Good luck and have fun!

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