Rituals to help Tarot Professionals - Psychic Rituals
(c) Artur L. Machado 2002-7

I have been working for several years with esoteric sciences, such as, tarot, Crystals and Medicinal Herbs. During these long years, I have seen small articles or books to help the esoteric professional (Psychic) in relation to protection against bad energies, or to increase his AURA strength. Because of this, I have studied specific Rituals and processes to help these professionals. Please, find some examples below:


The Energetic Baths make your “AURA” stronger” and give the wisdom to solve your problems in relation of loss of energy. These herbs are associated with studies about Gematrian influences from Psychic Professionals.

For example, the psychic can use this herbal bath, 9 times, in November 2002 with the intention to clear his Aura, giving Balance between his mind and body energies.

Clove ( 9)
½ peel of green apple

Take a portion of each kind of Herb, put in a pan with 2 liters of water, let it boil for 10 minutes, strain it, add some cold water to get a good temperature, and take your normal shower, using this Bath on your body from your shoulders down. Do not use in your head (because the Central Chackra).


In the business office of a tarot professional, what is most necessary is the prevention of accumulation of the negative energies from consultations, be they for tormented psychological levels, energy resentments, or spiritual problems.

To clean this place, it should be placed in a spray the mixture containing the following:

1 glass of water
1 glass of alcohol
1 bottle of Balm Lemon water ( 8 o.z.)
15 drops of clove oil

That mixture should be applied on the ground of the place, in a uniform way. This procedure acts for 15 to 20 days. After this time, you can repeat.

If you can’t find the Balm Lemon water ( Melissa officialis) you can make the tea with Balm Lemon (fresh or dry) - 3 table spoon boiled it in ½ of liter of water, strain it, and mix 2 glass of cereal alcohol.

The Balm Lemon removes all of the aspects of energy, psychological or Spiritual perturbation and the clove oil, giving balance in your place, it is a way to neutralize the residual negative consultation energies.

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