A Seer's Communion
(c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2002-3

Dearest God,
I do not presume to come to your table
based on my righteousness
but by the invitation
of your great mercy and lovingkindness.
I am hungry in my spirit
but I am not even worthy enough
to gather the crumbs from under your table.
Let me love you now, as I have loved sin in the past.

You are a God of mercy and merciless sorrows
and I thank you for allowing me
the communion of spiritual food
in the body and blood of your son, Jesus Christ.
I share this communion everytime I break bread
with true friends, loved ones and the strangers
who find their way to my door by your will and grace.

The sins of my body are cleansed by His body,
and my soul is washed clean through the precious blood
of His sacrifice.
He will dwell awakened forever in me
and I awakened forever in Him.

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This page was created on March 4, 2003.