Spirit of Truth: Native American Reading Cards by Maurice Ramsey
A review (c) Atham-Z 2005

It was with a hesitant sigh that I originally agreed to review yet another new divination card system. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! This package of cards in a soft protective bag with an accompanying interpretation book are very nicely presented. But when I opened the book and started reading I was really stunned. Mr. Ramsey's reading layouts are innovative and easy to understand. No multiple memory references back to the book will be necessary to utilize these simple and logical card spreads, and they are quite transferrable to any other type of prophesy cards. I am very impressed and at times will use his tips and ideas within my own reading practice. And to top this, the next part of the book gives a lovely synopsis about how to begin to meditate on the cards. This again is a universally useful instruction for anyone starting out on the path of trying to understand or energize cards as a psychic tool.

I also really appreciate the sensitivity within the text explaining the meanings of the various cards. The skill of predicting a loss while emphasizing the opportunities that are associated with that change. Modern day equivalents are also provided in the interpretations, such as e-mail being mentioned as a possible source of incoming communication.

When I progressed to evaluating the images, yet another time I was astounded by the quality and relevance of the pictures. This "Native Peoples" deck does not require you to understand a long list of animal totems. The concepts displayed on each card are as relevant today as they would have been centuries ago. The men and women depicted in this deck, in my opinion, offer more precise delineations of human nature than what can be garnered from individual court cards in ordinary Tarot decks. Each picture has been lovingly illustrated in gentle earth and sky colour tones which suit the subject matter admirably. Obviously they have been created by a person who understands the need for a reading, for the use of the cards to be gentle, encouraging and positive rather than stark, harsh and overwhelming.

Another remarkable feature of this set are the 4 additional card sized pieces that list concise reminders about the meaning of each image. Finally, someone offers a set of reading cards that will not require thumbing through a book repeatedly to find unfamiliar meanings. Nothing is more tiresome, frustrating and self confidence sapping for a beginner than having to look up meanings over and over again! I highly recommend these cards for both the novice and professional. Their creator is a skilled and understanding guide for anyone who uses cards for psychic focus.

Please visit the website at Spirit of Truth to view pictures and for ordering information.


This page was created August 14, 2005.