Tarot Card Quick Reference Chart for the Minor Arcana

(c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley 2000-2002

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Ace Receptivity, love, emotion, growth Opportunity, creativity, ambition Victory, intellect, reason New Path, stability, security
Two Hearts are joined, support, trust, friendship Wondering, assessment, planning Waiting, argument, breakdown Decision, contentment
Three Celebrate, optimism, growth Help offered, beginnings, luck False heartbreak, conflict, change New project, reward, satisfaction
Four Brooding, boredom, apathy Gathering, openness, adventure Sleepless, recovery, renewal Uptight, secure, predictable
Five Indecision, unhappiness, regret, loss Miracle, challenge, satisfaction Say nothing, humiliation, defeat Affinity, difficulty, insecurity
Six Reunion, nostalgia, reward Good news, good fortune Peace of Mind, renewal The gift of self, fairness, generosity
Seven Daydreams, illusions, choices Make a stand, success, effort Synchronicity, intelligence Have patience, perseverance, luck
Eight Higher ground, development, growth Restless, progress, completion Trapped, delay, obstacles Work in progress, pride, prosperity
Nine Make a Wish, happiness, generosity Strong position, resilience, reward Tremendous headache, anxiety, suspicion Self-esteem, achievement, solitude
Ten Fullfillment, contentment Burdened, responsibility, committment Nowhere to go but up, cautionary progress Family history, support

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