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Marie-Anne-Adelaide LeNormandMlle. Marie-Anne-Adelaide LeNormand was a renowned French card diviner and palm reader. She was born in France in 1772 and became the reader of Josephine de Beauharnais, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. She predicted "the rise and fall of Emperor Napoleon, the secrets of Empress Josephine and the fate of many court followers."

In 1807 she read Napoleon's palm and predicted his intention to divorce Josephine, which he dismissed. He had her imprisoned for twelve days from December 11, 1809 while he finalized his divorce. This setback was a major career boost for her and made her the most popular reader of her time. Edmonde Belline was a student of hers who went on to create the Belline Oracle and the Grande Tarot Belline.

"I declare the hand of Napoleon is the universal book, that it will be centuries, perhaps, before this book is reproduced."
Mlle. Marie-Anne-Adelaide LeNormand

This is not a tarot deck. There are 36 cards, numbered 1-36, each with a short poem and picture interpreting its meaning.

The Madame Lenormand Fortune Teller

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