Little Red Cap, Inner Child Cards
L'il Red Cap (The Fool) - Inner Child Cards
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"...we had a wonderful vision of fairy tales and the tarot coming together to form a deck of cards for children and the young at heart. As we explored the idea, we found the mystical force of the tarot to be a graceful companion to the mystery teachings of fairy tales and myths."

Isha Lerner and Mark Lerner, "Inner Child Cards"

Isha Lerner's Homepage

Interview with Isha Lerner

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"The Tarot is historically connected to the mythology and iconography of many diverse cultures, and reading the cards is a practice that is understood globally as a universal language. The 78 card Tarot deck accentuates principles common to the symbolic dogma of numerous belief systems through out the record of humanity and highlights archetypal circumstances that are shared by all civilizations at all times."

Nancy Shavick, "Travelling the Royal Road"

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The Star, Tarot of the Cat People

Key XVII The Star - Tarot of the Cat People

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"We are not human beings having spiritual experiences as much as we are spiritual beings having human experiences, and the tarot is a language articulating to soul's spiritual journey through the distinctly human domain. The "real" esoteric function behind the tarot is not its use as a fortune-telling or divination implement but in its uncanny capacity for mapping out the life we are now living. In this way, the tarot is a hall of mirrors for the times of our lives."

Antero Alli, from the forword to "Inner Child Cards" Antero Alli is the author of "Astrologik" and "Angel Tech"

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"The great Papus, the nineteenth century's master of debilitating spells, was also a scholar of the tarot. He was much concerned to establish connections between the Kaballah and the tarot, particularly by corresponding the twenty-two major arcanca trump cards with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which, remember, are integral to the structure of the Tree of Life. Papus further asserted in his Tarot of the Bohemians that the philosophy of the tarot was embedded in the word ROTA, arranged in a wheel, which corresponded, he believed, to the four letters of the Divine Name - Yod, He, Vau, He - also known as the Tetragrammaton."

Ann Fiery, "The Book of Divination"


Eliphas Levis: The Man Behind the Baphomet

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"My religion consists of a humble admiration of the unlimitable superior who reveals Himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble minds. That deeply emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God."

Albert Einstein

The World, Inner Child Cards
The World - Inner Child Cards

Tarot Humour

Tarot Affirmations

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"Today women seem to bear the larger part of the burden of daily existence, they often wonder why they can't just get on with their lives without a man and avoid all the problems that usually accompany relationships with members of the opposite sex. Unless a woman has the wisdom to know that men almost always bring chaos into their lives and nearly always fall short of their emotional potential, her involvement with a man will drive her crazy, especially if she tries to analyze the differences too closely."

Nancy Shavick, "The Tarot Guide to Love and Relationships"

Nancy Shavick's "Tarot Universe"

Chapter One, "Tarot Universe" by Nancy Shavick

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"Mlle. Le Normand was a celebrated cartomancer in Paris at about the time of the French Revolution, who read the cards with remarkable results to such noted personages as Robespierre, Compte de Provence (who later became Louis XVIII), Danton and Tallyrand. She also read the cards for the Empress Josephine, who burst into tears when the cartomancer warned her of her divorce. Napoleon had Mlle LeNormand imprisoned twice because he did not like the forecasts she had made about him."

Eden Gray "Mastering the Tarot"

Mlle. LeNormand Tarot Deck

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Princess of Cups, Cosmic Tarot

The Princess of Cups, Cosmic Tarot

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"The Tarot cards are a textbook for raising your consciousness by discovering the will of divine guidance, which always explains the reasons for your confusion, unhappiness or wariness and urges you to evolve and become stronger so you can make the most positive choices on the path of sacred liberation and find your individual freedom through your journey along the royal road."

Nancy Shavick, "Travelling the Royal Road"

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"...the first writer who made known the fact of the cards was the archeologist Court de Gebelin....He was a learned man of his epoch, a high-grade Mason, a member of the historical Lodge of the Philalethes...By an accident of things he became acquainted with the Tarot when it was quite unknown in Paris, and at once conceived that it was the remnants of an Egyptian Book...he made a distinct contribution to our knowledge, and is still a source of reference - but it is on the question of fact only, and not on the beloved hypothesis that the Tarot contains pure Egyptian doctrine....It was excusable enough then, but the madness has continued and, within the charmed circle of the occult sciences, still passes from mouth to mouth - there is no excuse for this."

Arthur Edward Waite "Pictorial Key to the Tarot"

Golden Dawn Gallery - Pictures of A.E. Waite

Reading the I Ching with Tarot

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"Thus, even though the precise time and place of the Tarot's genesis are not firmly established, and even though the Tarot has gone through many transmutations over the centuries ... it survives serenely, elusive at times but inspiring, a living demonstration of the truth 'there are more things in heaven and earth...than are dreamt of' in most people's philosophies."

Eden Gray, "A Complete Guide to the Tarot"

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Pentagram Meanings by RavenSong

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