Tarot and Wellness
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Tarot images have been used to create positive affirmations, or explore the emotional background of an illness, this will certainly do no harm, may even do considerable good, but the power of such strategies is inherently limited.

Tarot can be used as a tool to explore the realms of wellness, the harmony of mind, body and spirit. The most potent applications of any symbolic therapy will be to reach the body through the gateway of the unconscious, that part of us we do not see, we can not touch, yet we can bring into harmony with our total being and trust that it will open our world to the Universal abundance that is available to all of us. Our well- being does not just cover the physical and mental self. We draw strength from our Higher or Innerself to stimulate and develop our creativity, our intuition, that "gut" feeling we all experience; it is that voice within that sets off alarm signals when things start to draw negativities around us. When we discover this mind-body connection, this helps us to maintain a positive outlook. In this respect, Tarot has a lot to offer.

On a very basic level,working with Tarot stimulates and strengthens right brain competence, the most synthetic, intuitive and creative side of the brain. Tarot and other symbolic therapies should be considered as tools for wellness,not as treatments for disease, Tarot images has been used in meditation for sometime. To take this further, think about what aspect of the psyche or of the body is in need of strengthening or nurturing. Then choose a card that feels right to you. Use this card in meditation as you ponder on results you hope to achieve.

Example: ( as quoted from the book{1})

Low energy or lack of motivation might call out for the directed energy of the Chariot or the Sun Distractibility or nervousness could require the focused inferiority of the Hermit.An upset stomach might be calmed by Temperance Insomnia could be abated by the Moon.In short, use your imagination. The more you know about Tarot symbolism, the more connections you'll be able to recognize.

James Wanless, creator of the Voyager deck found himself with chronic fatigue syndrome. This low-energy syndrome might need the boosting energy of the Charioteer the Sun, driven by a highly demanding career, helost his balance, slipping in over identification withthe Chariot. His remedy was to focus on the feminine ,passive energy of the Empress,etc. Other cards: Empress conditions: feminine body-related fertility-related, reproductive disorders, PMS, eating disorders. What Empress character does one have too much of? Try to balance with the High Priestess, if there is a need to be more in touch with one's psychicenergies, or the Sun, if there is a need to be more rational and less emotional.

There are many ways the Tarot images can be employed therapeutically. In her book, Cynthia Giles goes on to say to turn to proactive attitude and consider how Tarot can be incorporated into a fitness program, for a start. I might add that for me, meditating on the inspirationof the Star is helping me focus on the my spiritual quest and at the same time pay attention to my physical wellness. The Moon offers the encouragement to deal with the"shadows", those nagging hurts, pain, frustration, guilt and even vindictiveness that keeps me awake atnight; encourages me to be prepared to face the "unknown", to me, that is Tomorrow. For no one really knows what tomorrow brings!

Reference: {1}Cynthia Giles: The Tarot, Methods, Mastery and More

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