A Charm for Warding Off Poverty shared by Cheryl Lynne Bradley

It is one of life's strangest lessons, we can build up all kinds of spiritual currency but you just can't spend it at the grocery store. We tend to be spiritually enriched but financially challenged. Here is a simple recipe which is supposed to be used for warding off poverty. I am doing this one right now and it seems to be having the desired effect.

You will need a small glass, a safety pin, and equal parts of salt, sugar and rice ( I used one tablespoon but if you think 4 cups is necessary, go for it).

Put the salt, sugar and rice in the glass. Open the safety pin and place it on the top in the centre. Put the glass in your living room. If you have small children, do this after they have gone to bed and put it in a place in the living room that they can't access. We are not sure if instant rice will speed up the process but perhaps you should bear this in mind when choosing your rice - wild rice isn't bountiful for a few seasons.

Let me know if it is working for you!!!!!!

Special Note to Crystal: NO WATER!!!!!

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