Amuse your Kids with Psychic Games
    (c) Atham Z 2004-10

    When the summer vacation becomes too much free time for your children, or the weather doesn't co- operate to allow the kids to amuse themselves, it is interesting and fun to play psychic games with kids.

    Children often have excellent natural psychic abilities although they are not usually fine tuned. Playing psychic games with your children can help the both of you strengthen your psychic abilities.

    Here are a sampling you may wish to try:


    You need: deck of regular playing cards. Shuffle the cards well. Select one card at a time and hold it up facing you. For beginners, have your child try to determine just the colour of the card. As they advance, they may be able to visualize the actual card - it's suit and value.


    You need: paper, something to draw with. Have your child sit down and clear their head of all thoughts. Tell them you are going to think of something and that you are going to try and send the image to them. Tell your child to draw on the paper whatever pops into their head. See how it relates to what you were projecting. *This is a great game to do in reverse. Have your child try to send an image to you.


    You need: an object belonging to your child. (Preferably something they often play with or use). Hide the object somewhere in your home. Tell your child what you hid and in what room (for beginners). Let the child try to sense where it is. Help them out by telling them if they are getting "hot" or "cold" as they search for it.



    You need: small objects belonging to yourself, other family members or your child's friends. Have your child hold the object in their dominant hand. Tell them to close their eyes and feel the energy coming from the object. Ask them to tell you how the object makes them feel. What other things do they sense from it? See if what they say matches up with the personality and experiences of the person who owns it.


    You need: journal and pen. Upon waking, have your child think about any dreams or visions they remember having. While it is fresh in their mind, have them write it down in their dream journal. Have them include how it made them feel, any sounds they heard, textures or temperatures they felt. Both of you can analyze the dream for meanings. This is a great way to probe the secrets of their subconscious. Have your child look for recurrent themes. Try to pinpoint what symbols mean what, in your child's dreams.

    Make the exercises fun and comfortably time consuming. Remember we only have these kids with us for a few short years, and the happy hours they remember with you may be recounted by them to future generations.

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