What is Chair Massage?
by Karen Bradford

Chair Massage is a short relaxation massage, usually lasting between 15 minutes and one hour, administered through the clothing to key tension areas primarily in the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands. The massage is performed in a specially designed ergonomic massage chair, which is portable and may be brought on-site. No oils are used, and the massage is designed to provide relaxation, reduce stress, and to refresh and rejuvenate. The massage is provided by a certified practitioner.

Chair Massage - What are the Benefits?

The benefits are numerous, including:

Reduces muscle tension and its discomfort
Relieves stress, both physical and emotional
Increases circulation and calms the nervous system
Provides a refreshing and energizing change of pace
Helps you identify and manage tension and fatigue
Provides a safe and healthy `pick-me-up'
Chair Massage is Flexible & Portable

Seated Massage may be brought on-site based on your needs:

In your home or residence
As a special treat at social gatherings or parties
To reduce muscle tension at sporting events
As a service for clients in a waiting room or office
To reward and recognize, or as part of an incentive program
As a fun, healthy and popular gift, prize or present
As an innovative employee benefit, to boost productivity and morale
Chair Massage is Affordable

Chair Massage is very cost-effective and affordable ! Typical rates average only $1.00 per minute, with many people opting for 15 to 30 minute sessions. There are no other hidden costs.

*GST and PST may be applied

Many innovative and successful companies and employers are using Chair Massage as a highly cost-effective wellness program. The actual cost per employee is very low, with no need for any equipment or facilities, and no loss of productive work time. The service may be used as an excellent reward benefit, gift or incentive program for employees ---- one that is healthy, simple, popular, and affordable.

Karen Bradford, Relax To the Max

Susan Kopp, Workday Kneads

Melanie McCallum, RMT


This page was created May 13, 2006.