The Lovers Key VI: A Poem (c) Bonnie Moss 2004-6

do i remind you of adam and eve?
can you see the tree of knowledge of
good and evil? what of the serpent
entwined around the tree?
freely we give our love,
a word too often misunderstood.

if there is love in your heart,
there is love to share.
learn to love yourself first,thus,
you open up yourself to the power
of universal love.nurture the love
you give and receive.water flows to
stay fresh, or it will stagnate
so does love, it needs to be nurtured.
live the moment, like it were the last.
be wary of deep unbridled passions
let the purity of your spirit shine ,
break the shackles that bind you
commitment is part of true love,
at times, it may offer healing,
enjoy the inner peace it brings
the choice is yours to make

from us ..THE LOVERS


This page was created February 13, 2006.