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The Magician, The Six of Swords
and The Knight of Swords
by Cheryl Lynne Bradley, all rights reserved

In asking for correlations between these three cards, one is using a Kabbalistic approach. As I am not a Kabballist, this is the way I feel these cards interact, connect and complement each other.

Key Card I: The Magician

I call this card "Captain Mysterious" because it deals with all of issues of the self. Self-awareness, self-realization, self-actualization, self-absorption, self-medications, self-esteem, self-respect, self-referencing, self-delusion, self-acceptance....the list is endless.

The Magician allows us to manifest our desires into reality and, as such, is a powerful card. With power comes responsibility. How and on what are you going to apply your power? Love and happiness... Fame and honour... Power and control... Power and position... Empowerment and flexibility... Wealth and power... Courage and integrity... Grace and dignity... Wit and wisdom...Health and happiness... another endless list. Our personal power is based on deservability - what we think we deserve to have happen in our lives. Thought plus faith creates.

As time frame, The Magician represents the New Moon if upright and the previous New Moon if in reversal. The date January 1 is also significant. An individual whose numerology is a "1" or a "10" is also represented - very prone to back problems.

As a relationship card, The Magician represents a strong psychic/karmic connection with another. One person likes to obscure and be secretive because the vulnerability of the "nakedness of thought" feels like a loss of personal power. The Magician will like dangerous things as he is a risk taker but he has strong voyeuristic tendencies. They present a very strong detachment. They are non-verbal, do not like to be touched and don't like to be questioned. They can also be obsessive and controlling but in a subtle and manipulative manner. They should never exploit the earth or abuse their power.

Air signs have a strong affinity with this card due to the complicated thought processes, universal outlook and detachment they are known for.

The Six of Swords

I like the Six of Swords - I always know things are getting better when I get past the Five's. It is always best to try and stay between the Sixes and Tens - no falling back into old patterns - no more crumbs off the table.

The Six of Swords is a clear sailing card - you have the peace of mind you need to make a big decision. Your troubles will end when you make a journey across water (this could be a mudpuddle - the cards have a sense of humour). Someone has to turn and face you and show you respect and compassion, they are "hopelessly entangled" until they do. They are capable, which means moving forward and leaving the present situation behind.

The Six of Swords brings understanding of lessons from your past love experiences and helps you apply them. The communication to your soul mate will be clear and open - a major communucations breakthrough.

This card is also indicative of a trip to a cottage and recovering from a rough patch healthwise.

The Six of Swords, in a business sense, relates to Networking - both in its literal meaning and figuratively. It has strong references to progressive communication technologies and to building strength through your network of colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances.

The Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords always makes the toe of my boot mighty itchy - because he really needs a kick out of his false pride and arrogance or he faces retribution.

This Knight can represent two brothers or two men who are always together. They probably wear uniforms i.e. police, fire, ambulance, sports, military or medicine.

The Knight of Swords is intelligent, sarcastic, emotionally detached, very cut and dried, fears intimacy and committment. When he is physically tired he is emotionally disconnected and can't be in his heart - he will say hurtful, cutting things that will leave bruised feelings and will be hard to forget. It would be rare for him to apologize or explain. He can woo you with great persistence - he is interested - but panic and run from the committment. He doesn't have a clear definition of what committment means to him.

He is busy, busy, busy, busy and you had better just be prepared to understand. You will believe his vocabulary is limited to "I'll call you later" (which he won't do). He can be obsessive, controlling, abusive, voyeuristic, domineering, bitter and sad. He has a fascination with knowing the worst things about the world.

The Knight of Swords leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him and has no idea of the emotional impact of his actions and no concern. He has no faith so he has no compassion. He has a "perfect" picture of love designed to keep people away. If you meet the ideal, he changes the rules. This will occur approximately every three and one-half weeks.

He probably drives a grey truck - Dodge/Chevy/GMC. His name starts with R, T or S and he is most likely a Gemini with very blue/green intense eyes. There will be a prominent physical scar or tattoos and piercings.


In the Kabbalistic approach, the Knight is one who introduces you the qualities of the Six. If this is true, this will be a relationship that turns your world - probably inside out. It is a powerful connection and your mind has to be strong. When The Magician/Knight of Swords says "I don't want to play head games" - you can be assured that the game has begun.

This is the person who has to come to you - he cannot be pushed or pulled. Ignoring him works the best. The further he is away from you, the closer you are to having what you want from him - if you play the game better.

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