Spiritual Journey: Marmora _ July 7, 2003 (c) Cheryl Lynne Bradley, Bonnie Moss, Jo-Anne Paradis 2003

Spiritual Journey: Marmora - July 7, 2003 Cheryl Lynne Bradley, Bonnie Moss & Jo-Anne Paradis 2003

Mary & Jesus

On Friday, July 7, 2003 Bonnie, Jo-Anne and I set out on a spiritual journey to Marmora. There is nothing like a driving rainstorm to get you in the mood for a spiritual journey.

Marmora has a beautiful tourist facility - lovely gardens, gazebo, situated on a lake - it would be a great picnic stop. We had to backtrack from there to the Greensides Farm which is situated between Madoc and Marmora, Ontario on Hwy 7. Since June 1992, eight women and three men claim to have seen the Blessed Virgin. To some she was in tears when she appeared but to others she spoke greetings or gave messages for one or several people. Hundreds of people have seen the "Miracle of the Sun" in which the sun appears to swell and fills the sky with spectacular light. Apparently this can provoke very strong reactions from spectators, some dropping to their knees, others screaming and many more visibly shaken by the experience. There is sign posted warning you not to stare directly at the sun.

We were rewarded for our journey with lovely sunlight all afternoon and the place completely to ourselves. There are picnic facilities and ample room for the many bus tours bringing pilgrims to Marmora. Catholic learning and instruction holds that signs come to us as warnings, comforts or new forms of devotion. The Catholic Church has taken no official stance on the sightings at Marmora although Catholic clergy are regular pilgrims to the site. None of us are Catholic in our spiritual practice.

The Stations of the Cross are set up on a walking tour of the property. The stations (there are 14) are situated throughout a lovely bush area - elms, maple, ash. They have paths carved out that have been covered with concrete dust so they are solid. There are beautiful natural stone stairs throughout the area, altars, worship areas, gardens, some nice little grottos, and lots of benches for sitting to rest or meditate. The sun was filtering thru the trees - it was serene and tranquil. Yaphet Khotto, one of the stars of "Homicide: Life on the Street", owns the adjoining property and is building a temple for the pilgrims.

You could feel it in your chest (pneuma/soul breath) and your breathing as you walked the property - it was very heavy at the start - powerful. Who knows how many people with heavy hearts have walked this circuit looking for relief, release or redemption. You felt like you wanted to cry but that you didn't have to. There are beautiful huge rosaries hanging over some of the stations and shrines, people have put up pictures of loved ones, notes, rosaries, flowers, statues - it is very intimate. The rosaries are astounding - big wooden ones all weathered by time and beautiful carved ivory ones with images of the Virgin and Child and of the Cruxifiction. There are many images of the Virgin and of Christ. One of the statues of Christ at the end looks like he is refugee from the 60's giving you the peace sign - Jesus Christ Superstar.

There is a natual spring there and they have it set up that you can take water but we had no containers - you always forget something. I blessed myself in the water when we first got there.

We spent the afternoon, lit candles for everyone and left to return home still in bright daylight. We got back to Perth and followed Bonnie to her house. What a great place - absolutely fabulous on the water, beautiful gardens. We met Eric, a real gentleman, and had a lovely visit there. Jo-Anne and I took the scenic tour home - meaning we were talking and missed a couple of turns. We all felt so peaceful and all enjoyed a restful sleep. This was good, serene sleep - I woke up smiling the next morning. I hope you enjoy the pictures - it was a beautiful way to spend a day and it really was a spiritual journey.

For information on The Origins of the Farm , please visit this link.

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