New Year's Ritual 2004
(c) Artur L. Machado 2003-4

The next year 2004 will have the influences from GEMINI and VIRGO with MERCURY planet in Astrological aspects, and also the Kabalistic influences are from Major Arcane 06, the Lovers and the Arcane 20, The Judgment.

Represents one YEAR OF CHANGES, it is necessary to know more about your potentials and debilities, choices in Life, understand your wishes and increasing your hopes, developing the sense of liberty, open “the door of your prisons” and “take off” the fears from past.

The 2004 will be a year to learn and/or teach with others, understand your limits and the consequences from your acts, knowing your mistakes and flight against the “Dark Side”.

Those influences give to Mankind several changes in Political situation in World, the power of decision will go to the female hands, new discoveries in Medicine can give the credibility in Alternative paths, more worries with Earth and resources.

This next year Energies brings the “warriors” and the “priest” Spirits with the Wisdom, Courage and Perseverance, receiving the mission and power to help Mankind in this metamorphosis.


The Energetic Baths give more “Strength” for your “AURA” canalizing this energy between your “Body and Soul” and increasing your natural potential against “bad influences” from others and also to solve your problems in relation to loss of energy or stress (Material or Spiritual).








Take a portion of each kind of Herb (one table spoon if dry or two table spoon if fresh), put in a pan with 2 liters of water, let it boil between 5 to 10 minutes, after that, strain it, add some cold water to get a good temperature, and take your normal shower, use this Bath on your body from your shoulders down. Do not use in your head (the Central Chackra).

If you prefer you can use the Essences Oils:

· Vanilla Beans - Spiritual Balance

· Cinnamon – love and emotional intention

· Rosemary or Passion flower- healing

· Lavender – peaceful and harmony

· Vervain (Blue) or Lemon Verbena – job and professional skills

You can choose one of those essences and mix 12 drops with 1 ½ liter of water and take your usual bath, take that from your shoulders down.

For protection your home and/or office against the “bad energies” from jealous persons, you can put some flowers (yellow with red), lily or daisy in this place and in few days you will see all “bad” influences dissipate.

The talismans for 2004 is from Silver with animals like horses, eagles, tigers or fishes and also you can option by Angels symbols.

GOD Blessing your Way in 2004


This page was created December 16, 2003.