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Throughout the ages, numbers has fascinated man. Great thinkers, scientists, mathematicians, occultists and the general population hold numbers in awe, for the hidden meanings they may signify.

From diverse cultures and beliefs, there is a significant similarity in the interpretation of numbers. Numbers are an abstract concept.

To the Pythagoreans, numbers carried cosmic expressions of the divine. They also believed that numbers are the basic structure of the universe and everything that exists.

Fast track to modern times, Jung expressed that numbers are the most primitive expression of the spirit and the dynamic aspect of the unconscious.

Number Seven

Number seven has profound and mystical undertones.It is the number of the mystics. It is a number that denotes wisdom, perfection and completeness. It relates to spiritual development.It is a number of self-expression.

Number 7 has been regarded as the number of mystery.Reading through the bible and other sacred books, seven always signifies the mysterious and the spiritual force.

Number seven specifies the blessings, the gifts of the spirit.In the Articles of Faith, article seven reads: We believe in the gifts of tongues, prophecy, revelation, vision, healing and so forth. Sanctification leads to perfection. ( Moroni 10)

Biblical Reference to Number Seven:

The Book of Revelation carries strong patterns of number seven and teaches about number seven representing the history of mankind as seven thousand years.

There are seven seals. Each seal represents a thousand years. Six thousand years of unrest, turmoil and toil, the seven thousandth brings blessings, peace and rest. It is believed that by the completion of the seventh millenia, the earth will return to eternity.

However,with disobedience and disregard, the seventh seal is heralded by seven angels with seven vials of seven plagues to be poured upon this earth before the return of the Messiah.

The seven days of creation relates to the seven thousand years.Six days of toil is followed by the seventh day, a day blessed for peace and rest.

The seventh day is sanctified.

In the Scripture:

Seven generations:

Matthew 1: There were 14 generations (seven times two), from Abraham to David,from David to Babylonian captivity to Jesus Christ.

Jude 1 :14 : Enoch was the seventh from Adam

Genesis 4:24 Cainís protection- he who kills Cain shall be avenged sevenfold. Joseph was the seventh son of Jacob(excluding sons by maidservants). Joseph received birthright blessings .

Exodus 2:16 Moses marries one of the seven daughters of Jethro.

Job was blessed with seven sons twice.

Ruth 4:15 Ruth was a greater blessing to her mother-in-law than the seven sons.

Genesis 29: Jacob worked seven years each for the first and second wife.

Genesis 41: The great famine lasted seven years after seven prosperous years.

Samuel 2:11;5:5 David was king of Hebron for seven years

Samuel 2: 24:13 Seven years of famine for Davidís disobedience

1 Kings 6: Solomonís temple was built in seven years, dedicated on the seventh month for seven days.

2 Kings 8:1 : Elisha prophecies seven years of famine.

Ezekiel 39:12 Fuel from the weapons of war in the Battle of Armageddon will last for seven years.


Genesis 8:10;12 Noah releases dove 3 times at seven days interval.

Genesis 50:10 Mourning for the dead lasts for seven days.

Exodus 7:25 Moses turns the Nile into blood for seven days

2 Samuel 12:16 : Davidís child from Uriahís wife dies on the seventh day.

Other sevens:

Joshua 6: The walls of Jericho fall after seven priests blow seven trumpets walking around the city seven times for seven days.

Proverbs 9:1: Seven pillars of wisdom

Genesis 33:3 Jacob bowed before Esau seven times for mercy

Samson weakened when seven locks of hair were shaved from his head.

In addition to the crown of thorns and the floggings, Jesus suffered seven wounds- two in the palms, two in the wrists, two in the feet and one on the side.


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