Progressive Family Learning
Jessie Gogan Hall & Roland Hall

    In today’s fast paced world parents and children can sometimes struggle with many things. Children will be in school next week and begin dealing with a variety of challenging areas such as learning difficulties, behaviour, social skills and self-esteem challenges while under pressure to keep up to their peers.

    The class clown or the trouble maker deflect attention away from not be able to understand the lesson of the day, to hide the fact that reading, writing or math are just too much to deal with. Everyone gets fed up with the kid and the distractions he or she bring into the classroom and onto the school yard. We know he has a unique way to solve problems: “He’s always angry, frustrated, is a bit of a loner and no has a good thing to say about him.”

    “She’s the silliest kid in the world, but she never gets her school work or her homework done.”

    “He could do so much better if he only put in more effort on his assignments.”

    These things are said about children directly and indirectly in school, observed at home and during community activities. Is there an underlying nonverbal learning disability? Are there areas of strength that can help overcome areas of weakness?

    All parents want only the best for their children, yet sometimes wonder what they can do to help. Well, we don’t pretend to know all the answers, but we have a lot of experience working with kids, helping with homework skills, providing parent and children support with behaviour challenges, learning difficulties, reading, writing and math and bringing up self-esteem.

    When a child believes they can, he or she can learn a way to solve a problem, understand a story, sound out letters, join them together to make words and then also see some tricks in math. Well then school can be fun because learning is fun! Some kids can come to understand they just learn in a different way, maybe friends see it too and they can feel better about whom they are.

    Check us out at: http://progressivefamilylearning.community.officelive.com

    Give us a call at 613-806-5974 or email us: Roland or Jessie. The initial appointment is free. We would like to help.

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