Spring Cleaning Blessing
(c) Atham Z 2004-2011

When you want to clean your space, it is wise to consider cleansing the psychic energy in the area as well. Try doing a simple clearing and blessing ceremony. Here is one basic method.

* Clarify your intention - what is the feeling that you want to purge from the space, and what energy do you wish to call in?

* Next get some assistance. Even if you are skilled at working with subtle energies, it is not advisable to attempt clearing in your own home by yourself, because it can be exhausting to shift a pattern that could be intricately connected to your own energy. Get a friend to help you with your ceremony.

* The day before you spiritually clear the space, physically and thoroughly clean the whole place from top to bottom.

* The day of the ceremony, relax and quiet your mind. Breathe deeply and slowly and notice the sensations of your physical body.

* At first, place some bowls of salt around the house, as salt has the function of absorbing negative chi.

* Now, release stagnant energy through the use of sound. You can use bells, drums, or simply clap your hands to get the desired effect. Walk around the space slowly and use your instrument to send sound vibrations into all the corners of the room.

* Next purify the space through the use of fire. The traditional way is to burn incense, sweet grass or sage, but if you are allergic to these, you can also place candles throughout the space and simply let them burn for a while.

* After this purification by fire, open up the windows to allow fresh air to circulate in the space, and dispose of the salt, by either burying it or flushing it down the toilet. Allow the air to clear.

* Next you bless the space with water and call in your new intended energy. You may want to sprinkle spring water throughout the room, or place some water with added essential oils in a spritzer and spray it around the room.

* Finally, ground your new energy by carefully placing a symbol of the earth element in the space, such as a green plant, a crystal, or a personally meaningful object while focusing on your intentions, and leave the object there for at least a couple of weeks to ensure that your intentions have a chance to fully root themselves in the space.

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